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B + T - nothing short of a magical day

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

What is more exciting then getting to see someone you have known for such a large part of your life tie the knot. Brooklynn reached out to me when my business was still young and decided to invest in me for her wedding day. I loved getting to work with Brooklynn and meet so many wonderful vendors in the DFW area, especially since I had only just relocated back into the area. This wedding was nothing short of a fairytale and held so many love and laughter in it. I could never tell everything exactly as it occurred, but everything about this day makes me smile. From knowing all the work Brooklynn put into the details to to sweet gifts that came out of it, this was a true celebration.

Getting to work with Brooklynn and Teddy was not only a blast, but a true pleasure. This wedding was unlike any others that I have attended, it was a true party and celebration. Brooklynn wanted every aspect of her wedding to be filled with joy, laughs and of course surprises! The special details that brought together the theme of the wedding and made Brooklynn look like a princess and Teddy her prince.

There are so many aspects of this day that made it special and unique and this one of them. Brooklynn gifted her dad such a sweet & intimate gift that left him in tears. Moments like this are incredibly special and unique.

On a lighter note, Brooklynn wanted the day to be fun, to be full of so many joyous memories which prompted her and Joe to plan a special surprise for Teddy. You've likely seen the trends on TikTok or Instagrams Reels, but seeing this in real life takes the cake. What can I say, Brooklynn wasn't the only one wearing white today, Joe had his own special dress as well. And let's just say the first look that Teddy thought that he was getting, was not the one that he got. Check it out below!

Meanwhile, while Joe is playing bride-to-be Brooklynn is watching it all take place form the comfort of her bridal suite!

This sweet & fun surprise surely couldn't be topped on this wedding day, now could it? Before I spill the tea from the day, check out a few more pictures of the blushing Teddy and beautiful Joe.

While Brooklynn didn't have a first look with Teddy, she did let her dad see her prior to walking her down the aisle.

This moment was incredibly sweet to get to watch. While he isn't Brooklynn's biological father, he is the one she considers to be her dad and made it officially legal by being adopted by him only weeks after wedding. Brooklynn & Joe made the beautiful decision to take on the Watson last name. It was beyond special to get to see this moment and know how much it meant to both of them.

This embrace brought tears to my eyes. There is so much love between these two and knowing the gift that Brooklynn gave to her dad made it so much more special.

Now, onto the wedding details before we get too mushy or back to the good stuff.

Filling the entire venue with stunning mixed eucalyptus, beautiful gold chargers, thank you cards, folded napkins, romantic with the candles and mixed florals. Colors of blush and navy blues, there were so many beautiful accents that made this wedding so special. When everything came together it was 100% easy to see the fairytale story being told!

At the center of the room sat this stunning head table, behind is the hedge wall that Brooklynns grandparents made for her. Added on was a "Happily Ever After" neon sign, a garland or flowers and then fresh mixed eucalyptus added in for more texture.

As for the other details of Brooklynns wedding, majority of her inspiration came from Pinterest. She did a stunning job recreating so many of the pictures that she found. This ladder was filled with memories of her life with Teddy prior, the sign in table featured engagement pictures, a globe for friends and family to sign, and then there was the crates and creation of the "LOVE boxes". Everything about the decor that Brooklynn choose created a stunning vision, a romantic fairytale story.

One can't help but love the details that Brooklynn selected for these shots. The princess like slippers, black and white invitation suite, all of the rings, and alongside her bouquet.

Check out how Brooklynn honored her grandmother on her bouquet!

Let's talk cake - Brooklynn created an entire environment to highlight the cake section. A white backdrop, greenery spilling out, stellar tables cape with candles, the cake stand alone was eye turning, a picture near, cookies layered and we haven't even talked about these cakes yet.

For the ceremony site, greens lined the aisle, the arch draped in white silk, and floral pieces accented the sides to bring a romantic look all together as it overlooks Hawthorns green field and stunning pond.

This is how the girls celebrated the last moments of Brooklynns single life, but just wait the boys had fun too.

Trust me, the boys were a few whiskey bottles deep and beyond happy to be drinking and of course celebrating Teddy.

Now this wedding is filled with so many funny moments, especially when the boys are throwing each other around or somehow wearing a dress, but it was also filled with so many intimate moments, and many of those are because of Brooklynn and Teddy's son Hudson. While Brooklynn and Teddy are who everyone showed up to celebrate, Hudson couldn't stand being left out of the spotlight and he stole so much attention and made every moment that much more sweet.

From getting ready with Dad, kisses with Mom, throwing M&M's (yes, bribery) during the ceremony, interrupting the first dance, pulling down curtains, to stealing the dance floor - Hudson had just as much attention as Brooklynn & Teddy did. This little cutie pie was both causing trouble and stealing hearts all night long.

This ceremony was beyond sweet, being married by such a good friend, surrounded by loved ones, seeing Hudson stand at the front, and of course one can't forget Hudson throwing M&M's around like confetti halfway through.

Family pictures, wedding party and many other sweet memories were able to be captured by the amazing Madison Neely! The wind was killer on this day, but Madison worked with everything perfectly and captured so much love.

Coming out of the ceremony Brooklynn and Teddy went into their first dance that Hudson quickly joined in on. This little man loved being in the spotlight. It is incredibly easy to see how Hudson is the center of their world, he keeps them together and it is very evident how much this little man is loved by all.

One can't help but love the dance between Brooklynn and her father, bringing tears to everyones that watched. The relationship and bond between herself and her dead was easily seen, not being his biological daughter means nothing to him, he truly cares for her. Not only did he lead her across the dance floor bringing tears to guests eyes, but he also gave a speech that left everyone balling. He told the story of meeting Brooklynn, of falling in love with her, leaving the family and then finding his way back into Brooklynn and Joes lives. What he didn't know at that moment, was that Brooklynn and Joe both applied for adoption to have him truly be their Dad, as they already called him.

At least they agreed on this, shoe games a fan favorite and bring so much insight into the relationship. This game took place during the reception, and brought all of the guests together and laughing.

Check out the stunning Brooklynn:

And let's not forget Teddy:

Now, one of the most memorable moments of the night might just be due to the Best Man and Brooklynns conniving. While a few saw Joe wearing a wedding dress earlier in the day for his first-look with Teddy, everyone had the pleasure of seeing Hayden wearing his dress for the garter removal. While Teddy was blind folded, he had no clue what laid waiting before him in the chair, and trust me it wasn't his bride. While Brooklynn took part in the act, she wasn't the one wearing the garter, nope, that was left to Hayden, he dressed the part and put on one hell of a show for Teddy.

Guests are screaming, whistling and cheering on the removal, and only when Teddy goes in for a grab does he realize it isn't his wife in that chair, but his Best Man Hayden. Teddy played the role well and removed the garter with his teeth, playing along with the second trick of the night.

This will be engrained in not only my mind, but all the guests that attended as well, it brought quite the show and created a bit of shock, and was nothing short of memorable.

Brooklynn's bouquet toss may not have been as eye turning as the garter, but it certainly had the boys worried about who might be expecting a ring next from the catch. Kirsten caught the bouquet and big news is that she was indeed proposed to! A surprise is that Kirsten was proposed to only weeks later, Brooklynn had a special part in Kirstens proposal by taking their pictures and capturing. the entire thing. Knowing the story after just makes these pictures that much more unique and special to them both.

While Hayden showed a bit of his cake, it wasn't quite as sweet as these two were. Now you can choose to decide whether I am talking about the happy couple or the stellar bridal cake and manly grooms cake. But come on, the grooms cake was incredibly impressive! And the brides, let's just say it 100% fit Brooklynn's personality. I love the dripping gin gold, the cake stand it stood on, and lets not forget all the other magical settings that made this day picture perfect.

This wedding was nothing short of a party, it brought so many to the dance floor and was nothing short of a fun and memorable night!

One can't help but to love the sparkler exit that had Teddy dipping Brooklynn like the Princess that she truly is.

Overall, I have to say that Brooklynn and Teddy's wedding was most definitely a favorite of mine. A huge part of that is that these were all people that I was raised with and graduated from high school with. I had cheered with Brooklynn as a child, grown up with so many of the guests, and had the pleasure of playing such a vital role in Brooklynns wedding - making sure it went off without any issues.

Now Brooklynns wedding might look princess perfect in all of the pictures, but it wasn't without its challenges. From vendor issues to a bit of family drama, I was solving problems before word ever got to the bride. Working with friends can cause challenges, but it had far more privileges for me. I was able to meet with Brooklynn often at our hometown coffee shop, talk all things wedding, and truly know what her vision for her as person as well as her expectations. This relationship helped me to solve the issues without involving Brooklynn in every decision, and allowed me to already know majority of the guests.

Check out more pictures below!

Vendor Team:

Photographer: @mneelyphotography

Coordination: @rmkeventsbyrachel

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