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Interview With: Court AKA the High Lady

Heyyyy book besties I am SO freaking excited to announce my attending influencer and High Lady - Courtney! Court has been an absolutle godsend, I never expected to just click with someone so quickly and love her with everything. This girl is amazing. In the few months that I have known her she has made some of the most stunning content, she turned her gallery into the cutests book club event, she drove across state lines to meet and work with me, and has just been one of the sweetest and most genuine humans ever.

Your Name: Courtney Allen, AKA Royal Court!

Photo: Shayne Jenevie - This was just taken on Wednesday by Shayne at the Calan Mai Styled Shoot and I quite literally SCREAMED when it was sent to me. Like excuse me, that IS MY HIGH LADY!!

General Bio About You: I just turned 26 and I already miss 25, it really does fly by way too fast. Although I do have more fun the older I get. I’m from Owasso, Ok, right outside of Tulsa, Ok. However I lived a year in Florida working for Walt Disney World from 2018-2019. I have my own fairytale man that matches me in every way. He proposed last year and it really was the fabrication of every proposal dream. He somehow kept the secret this whole time. Then he had been talking no proposal anytime soon so I had no inkling of an idea he was thinking of proposing. He somehow got all my family in town and his parents for “family photos” at the most gorgeous castle looking mansion (my mom is friends with some cool people). Little did I know at the end he would propose and it was everything and more. 

EEKkkk I got to meet Logan and he is just perfect for Court!! This man drove across state lines, rented hotels, toured wedding venues and so much more for her. He literally helped her set up for the shoot, went fishing for a few hours, went back to check on her, hung out a bit, left again, came to help her get stuff, and came to dinner later - AND had a smile on his face the entire time. I scream. WHAT. A. MAN.

What are your passions? Hobbies?:

My biggest passion is cosplay and all my hobbies that go with it. I started cosplay officially in 2012, before that I was making Naruto headbands out of tinfoil and fabric I got at Hobby Lobby. Since the tinfoil years I have become a Makeup Artist, Retired Dancer, Seamstress, Wig Stylist, foamsmith, performer, vocalist, modeling, and more. However it all started with and revolves around cosplay, performing, bringing characters to life, and making others smile. In 2013 I started working towards opening up my own character entertainment company, and I did just that. It was my heart and I poured all that I was into it for ten years. Every chapter closes and I sold my company in 2023. It was the best decision I could’ve made. Now I am able to enjoy life more, be myself, spend time with family and friends, plus cosplay characters I really want to cosplay! Sarah J. Maas characters I’m looking at you. 

I’m also a huge anime fan and cosplay tons of anime characters too. I’ve been watching anime since I was very young, starting with Sailor Moon and Studio Ghibli. What really took the cake was Pokemon, and I have been obsessed since. My family, in good humor, makes jokes about it. I play every game that comes out, finish it in a day or two, and set aside time in advance for it’s release. I may work all the time, but nothing will stop me from Pokemon release day! Most of my content is book and fantasy related! You can find me on Instagram @princessroyalcourt which also has my link tree up with my other socials!

How did you get involved in the books or events community?

I have always been a huge reader. As a kid I would get grounded from my books as a punishment LOL. In 2021 was when I started posting my Feyre cosplay, a few of them ended up blowing up. At that point there were just a few of us cosplaying and posting. Since, the community has grown so incredibly fast. I have never been in such a loving, welcoming, and supportive community. It’s so beautiful and does so much to my soul. A stark contrast to the Princess industry I was in when running my Character Entertainment Company. I have been in and have attended more events than I can count, so much so it’s in my DNA. What Rachel is creating in these events, is what I have dreamed of. Even before SJM was a thing, I have longed for a community and environment such as this. For that, I cannot thank Rachel enough.

To quote someone at Wednesdays Calan Mai shoot, "she just IS Feyre" her actions, her kindness, her grace are so easily seen by everyone to reflect Feyre. Also, not me crying that Court thinks and feels this way about me and my events.


What is your favorite quote (whether book related or not)?

“You cannot pick and choose what parts of her to love.”

What is your favorite book and why?

Which of the ACOTAR books is your favorite and why? A Court Of Mist and Fury. Hands down. Feyre, a lot like me, went through experiences she should’ve never gone through. Trauma that she should’ve never had to deal with, and PTSD that also followed. She found herself again, through Rhys, feeling the joy again through art, through the friends and family that were there by her side. The whole book (TBH the whole series) was an emotional roller coaster healing experience for me. Feyre’s story brought color back into my life and into a world I never want to leave. 

If you were in the world of Prythian, which court would you be in?

I want to say Spring Court but not if Tamtam the pom is running it LOL. Either the Night Court/Court of Dreams (cause Verlaris of course) or Dawn Court. 

Also a total Spring Court girlie, maybe that is why Court and I get along so well. She made me the cutest friendship bracelets and one of them says, "Spring Court" and this will not be leaving my wrist. I love the friendship bracelets that I get SO much!!

If you had the opportunity to winnow away to the Spring Court would you, why, and what would you do?

It depends, can we prank Tamlin?

On the flip side, what is a book that you really just do not recommend?

Learn My Lesson by Katee Robert. If you like Hercules, or IDK not feeling like you need to scrub your brain don’t read this. It was too much of… everything. I gave the book away, I'm not sure what happened to it, but I’m sure it’s still out there traumatizing someone. 

Oh man, I haven't heard of this, but I will tell my sister. Hercules is her favorite Disney movie, and she just loved Meg so much. Also not me looking at the picture directly below this and seeing Court as Meg and thinking "Meg Meg, my little nut Meg". Fun fact that I love about Court, she is an in real life Disney Princess for kiddos, having had her own party princess business. She truly exemplifies the qualities of being a princess and I'm so blessed to get to see her bring not just kids dreams to life but all of my book besties too!!

With ACOTAR #6 coming out next, who are you wanting Elain to end up with and why?

Okay, this is a LOADED question!! I usually like to go into the books with an open mind. However, it would be really interesting if Elain rejected the mating bond with Lucien and ended up with Az. OR that that bond was just a trick of the cauldron. Elain has been through a lot, and I cannot wait to read more! 

Want to meet Courtney in REAL LIFE?? She will be at Calan Mai!! You can get tickets here, and just know that we have A LOT of super fun projects that we are working on together.

What is your most controversial bookish opinion?

I’m not sure I really have one besides Twilight was not the hype. But yes I read the books and my mom went to all the premiere’s while wearing tshirts that said Twilight Mom. Looking back that was a wild time!

Is there a particular book or character that you have carried with you, or severely impacted you? 

This ties back to what my favorite book is. Feyre for sure, I’m also an artist and work in an Art Gallery. 

I found some much of a resemblance of myself within Feyre, taking out the magic and fae you know. I too had a Tamlin, and was under my own mountain. I have EDS, a rare hyper mobility syndrome, something that makes me have to work harder than a normal person would have. Just because Feyre was human or didn’t know how to read didn’t stop her. She survived the mountain and more. Didn’t just survive she lived. She found color again, and love within Rhys, family, and her friends. I’ve got my own Court of Dreamers, my very own Rhys now. Feyre’s story gives me strength, it brings me joy, and it empowers me. 

Are you a fan of the “Playlists” feature that many new books are having, why or why not? If so, link your favorite playlist! 

I do! However if you can find a good one! I have yet to find a good one LOL. 

What has been the biggest blessing in being a part of this community or in the world of social media for you?

You. Rachel. It is because of you and your events that this community is able to meet, connect, and even attend these out of the world events. Your heart and soul are poured into them and it shows. You’re the type of girl that we all need as a friend, one I want to support, to celebrate, and make friendship bracelets with. If it weren’t for you there would be none of these magical events, or all these friendships made. 

Stop, I am balling. We both just came into each others lives at the perfect times. I don't know what Calan Mai or my brand would look like without you being a part of it. I love that you love my brand, but I am lucky that you let me be your friend and someone that you want to work with and know.

On the flip side, what do you wish you could change about this community and how do you think it needs to be done?

I think creating creators and supporting small businesses and events like yours, needs to be focused on more. Accepting all and supporting all. Also stop AI art, that is a big one too!

Ekkk Allisons Sketch Book will second and third this one! I love seeing how many different companies and creators Courtney works with. She truly is a pillar in the fantasy and bookish community.

What is your favorite book trope and your least favorite?

I would have to say I enjoy the enemies to lovers tropes the most. As if right now I’m not on the bullying trope train, that’s a little much for me unless it’s Carden and Jude. 

Why is this so funny. Cardan and Jude were literally just something else. Also I don't know what it is, but I am a sucker for the bully trope, like just give me all the d!ckish vibes all the time.

How do you describe Cottage Core?

I’m not sure if I can put it into words, a good visual description is Rachel’s Instagram, it’s stunning. 

Cottage Core to me is little to no electricity and modern items, flowey dresses that have resembled period clothing, baskets, baking, picnics, foraging, tea, and lots of greenery. It makes me think of life in the 1800- but cute!

Why is the absolutle cutests and most dainty anser ever. The fact that you referenced my instagram, did I just cry some more, absolutley.

Are you a TikTok or Instagram personality?

I am! My Tiktok is @thequeen_courtney and Instagram is @princessroyalcourt

Okay, this girl is an all social media platform. You freaking SLAY at social media and all the aesthics HELL YES.

ALSO lets just take a FAT HOUR to admire the artist tat Court is. Her Feyre tattoos are SO good, like good is not good enough, this is art. I got to see her paint it on herself on Wednesday and SCREAMED it was amazing. Like I would have thought this is for real REAL, like a legit tattoo, the attention to detail, the lines, the mountains, its just all so freaking AMAZING.

What is your story with RMK Events by Rachel (whether a particular event, specific story, experience, convo, etc - again interpret however you want)?

Rachel and I met originally through Tiktok. I live a few hours out from her events and I quickly became obsessed with her and all she does. While I haven’t gotten to meet her in person yet, I am so thankful I will soon!

Funny enough, I just got to meet Court in person on Wednesey for the first time. I really wish my blog would let me attach videos becuase I have a video of her running at me, carrying A LOT of stuff, and jumping into my arms. Yes, I will ABSOLUTLEY post this on my Instagram stories for everyone to enjoy. I was so sweet, so genuine, so pure. I still cannot beleive that Courtney wanted to work with me. When she reached out to me the first time I screamed, like legit screamed, she is basically like famous to me. I had seen her content on my FYP for a while and was in shock that she was interested in what I was doing.

What are you most looking forward to reading and experiencing in 2024? 

I have been getting caught back up on all the From Blood and Ash series. I just finished A light in the Flame a few weeks ago, so now I have The War of Two Queens and A Soul of Ash and Blood. However I have a few more books to finish before I can read them. From Blood and Ash is my favorite series outside of SJM!

ALSO Courtney, is an in real life artist and works at a gallery and will she be painting with you at the Book Fest part of Calan Mai?? Yes, she will, among a lot of otehr really cool activites!!

Anything else that you want to add, feel free to put in here - let our followers and readers get to know you!

There is so much I could say, but if you read the interview, thank you from the bottom of my heart. My whole life I have struggled to find a place, a community I love, and I now have that. I hope you continue to tune into all the magic that is in store!

Aww I really hope that everyone read this interview and got to know Court a little more. You will be seeing a lot of different collaborations in the future between us that I am so freaking excited about. This girls energy is jsut perfect. And let me just say it again and again, she is stunning. Like I still cannot beleive that she wanted to work with me. I am really excitd to see what this entire next YEAR of friendship will bring in prepartion for Calan Mai.

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Rachel really has the most interactive and beautifully done posts to go along with her stunning business. I am blown away with this!

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