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Highlights of 2021 - wedding edition

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

I know, it's 2022 already, but I still want to highlight some of the beautiful weddings and events that I had the pleasure of working on this past year! While this isn't all of them - it is a highlight and overview of some of the most monumental for me.

January - Kainat & Aun

This wedding was quite literally booked days with me days before the wedding due to the original coordinator being sick. This was also one of the most monumental, it was my first (and so far only) Islamic wedding, getting to be a part of this taught me so much about Middle Eastern culture. Kainat and Aun were so sweet and had the most beautiful and vibrant of weddings!

February - Yvonne & Ethan

This wedding was happening come hell or high water - or in their case a huge snowstorm that knocked out the power in the area for weeks. In the middle of nowhere, in a barn with no heat, this wedding happened and it was still beautiful. Yvonne literally looked like a snow princess!

April - Open House

The first open house that I co-hosted with Hidden Gardens Venue - was one for the books. I recruited almost 50 local vendors and put together a shoot that brought out hundreds of brides. This was monumental for me because it allowed me the opportunity to meet so many new vendors, as well as work a new angle in the industry. Gaining valuable experience in planning and executing an event as well as making so many new friends and booking a few new brides!

April - Styled Shoot

The biggest shoot that I have hosted and SO much fun - also the shoot that got me published - monumental! Using the years Pantone colors I was able to create a unique shoot that brought together a ton of vendors and so many sweet friends to model for the shoot.

May - Hannah & Nash

Another story of getting to work with friends for creating their dream wedding. This wedding was seriously one for the books, a weekend away in East Texas, a Catholic church ceremony, a winery for the reception, and getting to stay at the lodge for the weekend - this is the definition of a fun weekend wedding! I met Hannah 4 years ago while working at the golf clubhouse and remained friends over the years, one of my best friends was at the wedding, and overall - it was just a perfect wedding weekend even with the rain!

May - Brooklynn & Teddy

High school sweethearts and incredible special friends! Working with Brooklynn to plan her dream wedding was so special. This created the opportunity for me to return to my roots of Springtown and expand my knowledge of vendors in the area. Brooklynn invested so much time and love into her wedding, using Pinterest to create a beautiful wedding with soft pinks and navy blues. This wedding wasn't without its challenges but overall was a great learning experience.

June - Caitlin & Travis

Such a fun wedding and very different - rather than all my contact being with the bride, it was with the groom. Summer weddings in Texas really aren't my thing normally, but this wedding was so beautiful and so special to be a part of. Trickle Creek Ranch is a STUNNING property, with the most amazing oak tree that serves as the ceremony site.

August - Karina & Max

First out of state wedding! I traveled to Washington and got to coordinator the most beautiful Russian wedding, with so many stunning aspects. Think Twilight, surrounded by forests, with an outdoor ceremony, twinkling lights, and a stunning chateau - this truly was a magical wedding. I am happy to travel any and everywhere for all your wedding and special event needs!

October - Miranda & Cody

A very special wedding, my sorority little married her sweetheart! There is nothing as great as watching a dear friend get married to the person that they love most in this world. This wedding featured kids running around, rap battles, lots of silly faces, and a good rivalry between the Aggies and the Razors.

November - Tabatha & Steven

My last wedding of the year and seriously one of the best. Tab and Steve were the first clients I worked with in planning their entire wedding and it created such a bond and an amazing experience. Their wedding board and vision are pretty dang close to how I would design my own.

November - Styled Shoot

An amazing way to end the event season, a styled shoot in partnership with the Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences Department of Texas A&M University Event Management classes. My students are such a joy and I can't believe what we were able to create with this shoot and 20 local vendors!

This wasn't all of my weddings or events, but a few of the most monumental and special to me. All my brides are like family, and each wedding comes with so many ups and downs for me. Heck, if you have ever seen 27 dresses, that will be me at my wedding, inviting all my brides to my own. Getting to be a part of so many weddings is a privilege and brings me so much joy. I was able to take a break and spend the summer living in Israel, where I gained new experience in international weddings, as well as got to experience my first Jewish wedding. Overall, 2021 was a year for learning and growing- something that I hope I will always continue to do. I can't wait to see what the 2022 season will hold for me!

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