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Interview with Lucien AKA Kay

EEkkkk I know, I know, I say this about every single interview but I truly just love doing them. I love bein able to feature and support my cosplayers, to really showcase them. Now, this interview will have a lot of laughs and light hearted content, but there are also several very serious topics that Kay and I both get into, which are heavier topics. Both Kay and I are pretty raw and open in this interview, so whatever you do be a friend, not a bully.

Now, into the deets. Let me just say, my friendship with Kay came out of no where. It started off with my just asking questions about one of their cosplays, and then realizing we both only messaged after 12:00 am, to Kay getting me to send voice messages again, to bonding over our love of Zodiac Academy, to just having someone to talk to when we are both on the night shift. So, this friendship has just grown and grown, it is a special friendship that I genuinely love. So, with all that being said, please meet Kay, who I am so beyond excited to say will be attending Calan Mai as Lucien.

General Bio About You: Hi my name is Kay (they/them), I am 26 years old from Dallas, Texas. I have been in the medical field as a critical care EMS provider for several years now and currently going to school to further my credentials. I live in NC now but planning to move back to the Dallas area within the next year and a half. I originally started cosplaying about 6 years ago or so but found my home here with the bookish community in the last year and I’ve never looked back.

What are your passions/hobbies? I love to hike, I love to cook. Cooking for me is a comfort way to bring people together, make them smile, and relax while the mind can be busy. I love to read obviously. I’m very passionate about my job. Being able to bring a smile or a sense of comfort to someone on the worst day of their life or relate to them is huge to me. You never know where someone has been or what they are going through when they come into my care at the ER, small acts of kindness goes a long way.

Okay, if I lived anywhere that had views and trees like this I would also be outdoors at all times. But unfortunately, I live in the flat and hot parts of Texas. And the only time my pale self ca survie the outdoors is in the Spring.

How did you get into cosplaying? I started with cosplay because of my dad actually. My dad has always been my nerd partner and I grew up watching all sorts of movies from different fandoms with him. He used to attended comic cons as a kid and one year he took my siblings and I to one. My dad is a small indie author and decided to rent a booth at Dallas Fan Expo and I saw a bunch of cosplayers that weekend. I absolutely LOVED being able to see the joy behind peoples eyes of bringing their favorite characters to life and the lack of judgement from others. The next day I put on a joker costume I had from Halloween and just decided to try it. I started mainly in anime cosplays because that’s what I grew up watching, and where I met one of the most important people in my life, Kris. I then found booktok and fell absolutely in love and the passion sky rocketed.

This whole story makes my heart just so happy. To know that someone as sweet and wonderful as Kay has found community and safety within cosplay. And Kris, sweet baby Kris (who is the Suriel) is also someone who I am so lucky to be able t call a friend and have in my life and especially on my team. Let mejust say, I have seen some of the messages between Kris and Kay about working with me ad they are both so chaotic and epic, I love it, It just means the world to me, to know they both wanted to work with me and what that means for them.

Instagram or TikTok? Instagram

THIS answer right here is why Kay and I are friends. I love the peole who can TikTok, but me, I cannot TikTok. So finding my fellow Instagram besties is amazing.

When did you start your reading journey and with what? So I started my reading journey around 6th grade or so with the House of Night series. I connected so much with the story and the fact that it had an indigenous main character and was based in so many of those stories was amazing. I was hooked immediately into the fantasy realm and really haven’t left that category.

I haven't read this series, but it sounds really cool. I am super into the Percy Jackson and other childhood favorite books.

Following up, when did you first and last read the ACOTAR series? I first found ACOTAR because I had just finished Throne of Glass about two years ago. I just however did a re-read of ACOSF a month ago. I kind of pick and choose random books in a series to re read at times.

Yes, we freaking loe Throne of Glass. Which, if you didn't know Kay has an amazing Dorian cosplay that I freaking love so much. And A Court of Silver Flames, my absolute favortie book in the ACOTR series, so I actually love it so much.

What does your character, Lucien mean to you? Oh where do I even start?! The minute Lucien came into the story I know immediately that there was so much more below the surface of what we saw in the first book alone. He is such a complex character and for me I felt so seen. I tend to protect myself with a hard exterior because of struggles I’ve had in my life, I’ve often been told I’m intimidating before people get to know me. To see past the outside however, he has such a hopeful demeanor with so much life and love to give. As someone who has been a victim of SA as well as lost their way many times, it was healing to see someone who also is trying to find their way and keep living life despite the struggles they had been through. I feel as if we were both underdogs with so much to give, the person who maybe was never picked first but still never let that harden their heart. Lucien is one of very few characters that makes me feel so heard.

The way that Kay opens themselves in this is just beautiful. To unapologetically own their truth. Not the piggyback off of this, but one of Kay and I's first REAL conversations was just a trauma dump, to find where we both related and how certain things affect us both. I think for me, it was easy to be Kay's friend because we have experienced similar trauma's and lost our way at various moments. I never felt like I had to be "on" with Kay, but that I could be my most raw self, to not hide parts of mself, to own my feelings and be me with them fully. Every friendship doesn't feel that way, and when it is a working realtionship too it isn't alwasy easy. Kay and I have the rule of friends first though, and it is incredibly important to have that. This warms my heart, that even though it is really terrible thigs, Kay has found a way to connect with all of their cosplays. To know what Lucien means to them, means a lot to me. To able to know how they connect with the characters and relate it is special. It isn't just putting on a costume. The questions that you will continue to read after this show that. They show Kay personifying themselves as Lucien within the answers.

What qualities of Lucien’s do you think that you relate to best? The wit and quick remarks that come to his tongue so easily. His heart, and the ability to keep going despite the odds against him. The fact that he is kind and loyal to a fault is something I will always stand by. If you’re in my inner circle, I will fight for you always. Something that I saw as well that was something that really stuck out to me was it seemed he always cared for others more than was given back to him. That’s something I’ve struggled with in the past, is giving all of the water from my well or loving someone more just to be tossed aside or not given water back. He is an underdog that some people don’t see value in, but when he shows his full potential in future books to come I know he will shine so brightly.

I can 100% attest to the wit, kay has some of the quickest and best on the fly jokes and sayings. When I asked them how they ould fel about being Lucien for me, kid you not I got voice messages abou their willingness to be the shoe Feyre wears or the fly on the wall. It was just absolutley hilarious and a true testament to the kind of person that Kay is andwhat working with me means. And I think I have the privelage of assiging myself into Kay's Inner Circle, it really feels that way. The friendship that I have with Kay is just so special, and something that I didn't know that I needed.

Lucien is someone that we don’t know too much about, I personally feel like there have been a lot of holes in his story, what do you think his past looks like? I think his past is full of a lot of pain that he doesn’t share with many. His story has been told by a lot of mouths in the ACOTAR world so far that haven’t really been his. I think when we do get the full story, it will come from him when he’s ready. He’s survived a lot of horrific things, but he’s also loved enough for a lifetime.

The thing is, I think I am Lucien, like I have the redhair to match him already. But also, I cannot wait to learn even more our our foxy Autumn boys story.

Okay, it’s time to spill the tea, Elain is mated to Lucien, but who do you want your character to end up with? Why? So to be honest, I don’t really care with who any of them end up with as long as happiness is the end effect. I want Lucien to be HAPPY and I want someone to truly choose him. He lost the love of his life once, I think he is more than deserving to have another, and it’s up to him on who that is.

Okay, I have a hot take. I don't really think I would be happy seeing Lucien and Elain together. now, hear me out, it is strictly becuase she hasn't semed to have any interest in him. I've been in the place where feelings are one sided and it just really isn't fair to anyone. I want to Lucien fully loved and happy, having the story that he deserves with the person that wants him best.

Do you actually think that Elain and Lucien are mated? I go back and forth with this all the time. I’m not sure, they are right now like fire and ice. I think they have the potential to be wonderful friends or mates but, I try not to dig into theories too much until I have it in writing.

Rumor has it that Lucien is going to die, true or false? I think I would be severely disappointed and crushed. I think killing him off would be a very easy cop out. He’s already done so much between going to the human lands and getting feyres father, keeping the peace, helping everyone- I think killing him off to grow someone else’s story would be such a waste and a disservice to all he’s done and the person he is. To never let him be happy after all he’s been through, how many homes and people he’s lost… I would be crushed.

Okay, this, I can get with this. I will say, I think if we keep going through this series and seeing no one important die it would beunrealsitic. And yes, I know, the whole series is unrealistic but everyone always living for me is kinda boring. I actually need there to be some spice, some major drama and action to happen. But, I will be sad if something happens to Lucien.

Lucien has difficult family relationships, do you think this will be addressed in the next book? Would you want to see a book from the POV of the Autumn Court boys? I would LOVE an Eris POV. There is sooo much to that story that even Cassian saw at the end of the last book that we don’t know about. The Autumn Court is truly the “Court of Nightmares”, so the inner workings is something I’m so interested in. I need the real story between him and Mor.

Okay, this I agree. I think that there are a lot of holes in Mor's story and there is defiiel a lot that we don't know about. I have seen a lot of theories lately that Mor is going to betray the Inner Circle and know that I really enjoy reading and hearing other peoples unhinged thoughts.

Would you want to see Elain in a “why choose” relationship? (Lucien, Tamlin or Azriel involved) Ayeee the more the merrier! I don’t have anything against it.

What do you think has been going on in Lucien’s head over the last several books with the mating bond? Look Lucien is not entitled to Elains affection at all, however, he’s trying hard to even get any sort of acknowledgment. I think he’s feeling less than and confused as to why the cauldron chose them and for what purpose. I think he’s walking on egg shells to not upset her or rush her into accepting anything. I also think he feels like “well what’s wrong with me?”

Okay, here me out, I would change the fate of Lucien and Elain, I would definitely break the bond and if they found each other it would be meant to be.

If you could live in any court, and the answer doesn’t have to be Night Court, where would it be? And why? I would live in Autumn if Baron was out of the realm. Fall has always and will always be where my heart is.

What’s your favorite Lucien or most impactful quote from the series? “We’re too powerful, and too bored with immortality, to be checked by anything else” He sees so much more than people realize.

What do you think Lucien would wear on a day trip to the Spring Court? I think he still has a closet full of Spring Court tunics and clothing. Poor man has a been a resident of four locations now. Autumn, spring, night, and now the human realm. He is prepared to dress for all occasions.

Okay, until I read this statement, I didn't realize that Lucien baby is for real a misplaced little foxy boy. Like for real, has no home, my empathy for him just grew tenfold.

True or False: Will Lucien be on the dance floor under the stars at Calan Mai? Or will he be a wall flower? True. He’s am emissary, speaking to people and making them feel welcomed (even in his cheeky sense of humor) is his specialty. Lucien will enjoy watching his surroundings, but he is a ballroom dancer and will be dancing the night away. At least this Lucien will.

Listen, I CANNOT wait to see what moves Kay and Lucien will be busting on the floor, like it will be iconic, I already know that. And let me just say we might have a special little treat in store for everyone that is in the form of dance brought to you by our incredibly talented cosplay cast for Calan Mai.

What song would immediately get you into the dance floor? If you see Lucien Vanserra twerking to “No Hands” mind ya business.

THIS. I cannot wait to see this. And the fact that I immediatiely started singing this song and doing my sitting little dance for it.

What is a song that you hear that reminds you of Lucien? Evermor from Beauty and the Beast. For the sake of others happiness I know he would let someone go. Just like Elain. I also have a playlist for Lucien full of songs that remind me of him.

What movie or character reminds you of Lucien? (Cue Rachel’s answer The Fox and the Hound) Okay hear me out now. Faramir from Lord of the Rings and Thomas o malley from Aristocats.

OMG, the way that I actually see this so much too. Kay sent me several TikToks abut Lucien as Farmir and actually, I see it so much. And the Aristcats, absolutley. Where I see Lucien as Tod the Fox, of course Kay sees him as a cat, but also iconic, I love it.

What’s something that you wish you could change about Lucien and why? I wish I could give him more of a back bone if I’m being honest with you. To stand up for himself and other wrong doings.

I wish you could take one of my backbones and give it to poor Lucien. I soemtmes think I am too direct, honest and standstrong most of the time, so I'd be willing to give Lucien a little bit of me.

Rumor has it that Elain might be tired of tending to her garden, true or false? TRUE! She is so much more than what people see in her. Y’all do know she’s the one who stabbed the king right?? Having a simple life doesn’t make you boring or any less then. She is feminine, kind, loving, protective, and sees everything around her.

Wow, it is almost like Kay described by Elain, Sisi, which is great because it is all true.

If you got to name the next book in the ACOTAR series what would it be and why? A court of ( idk what but it better give us more about Lucien and Eris please). I know I know, a very creative title.

Stop, I love this so much, this is way too funny. I also don't know if I even had an answer for this question yet, so this is epic lols, the very best answer yet.

Most controversial ACOTAR opinion? Mor is lying about the whole story with Eris and she’s ashamed of something which is why she hasn’t told the whole truth.

Insterting the picture of Kris, the Suriel drinking tea, becuase this is for sure something right here.....

What do you think Lucien would wear to a Masquerade Ball? You’ll have to come to Calan Mai to find out, but you know this man has style now come on.

Hehe, inserts where you can get tickets to Calan Mai here!!

As Lucien, if Tamlin came and asked for your forgiveness, would you forgive him? Why or why not? OH HOT TAKE FOR YA. While Tamlin was in the wrong for everything he did to Feyre, he mistreated Lucien far worse. I think Tamlin owes Lucien a huge apology but, that’s his brother. He took him in when he had nothing left, so why shouldn’t Tamlin get a second chance? A redemption arc is something I would like to see, and as much as we love the bat boys, they have done things wrong as well. Lucien deserves to be happy, so if letting Tamlin come back into his life by his side again does that, then yes.

The hottest take for you is that I agree.

Rumor also has it that Lucien might become High Lord of the Spring Court, do you believe this rumor, why or why not? The spring court? No. Another court because of his bloodline with another high lord and what Cassian said about his power? Possibly.

What were some of your thoughts when reading Lucien’s story, from ACOTAR to ACOSF, with what we know about him now? Him being so troubled at the thought of being a villain in Feyres story and their friendship is so telling on his character. Him coming to terms with the true nature of the Night Court and how much help he aided just left me in awe of him. He grew so much.

How do you think you will bring Lucien to life at Calan Mai? He and I carry so many similarities in our personalities that I just am so excited to dive into him and help bring everyone’s night together. If I can make someone smile or laugh, feel more comfortable and just have the best night I know that I have done my job.

Stop, I love this so much. For me, cast member are there to enhance the guest experince. There might be a few things that put them on show, but it is so special to have them and be able to know and trust that they truly want to make the guests experince special. I can whole heartedly say that I know Kay will bring smiles and and laughter to so many people, they do it for me on a daily basis and I'm so lucky and blessed to have their friendship.

You have not attended any of RMK’s past events, what do you think your experience will be like as a cast member? I think these events are just so amazing with bringing so many like minded people together. It helps people escape reality even if it’s just for a few hours, and create magical moments. From being able to socialize and make new friends to talk to a favorite character and play pretend and not think about real life is just a beautiful escape. Working with Rachel this far has been nothing short of magical so I can’t wait to attend the event.

THIS. This just means so much to me. I love that my event are this opportuty to truly live the fantasy, to be around so many people who are like you and have the escape. It means so much to know that Kay thinks this about me and my events. I cannot wait to get to meet them in real life, which is just around the corner.

What do you think guests should know about attending an RMK event? The amount of detail that RMK puts into everything is just nothing short of amazing. Literally the vision she has is just inspiring. SAFETY and ANTI BULLYING is huge! Rachel has been nothing short of direct and very active in making sure everyone from the cast, the venue, and the vendors know that this is a safe place welcome to nothing but love and acceptance. Truly a magical company who takes the safety of her patrons to the highest degree.

Literally bawling, this means the world to me. I've said it once, I will say it again, my coslayers, vendors, guests everyone all agrees to the same Terms and Conditions which is a code of conduct (built on the Aggie core values). There has been a lot of drama within the online side of Booksta and BookTok as of late and I want to support everyone as best as I can. I have been on the receiving end of some hateful things and I never want that for anyone else. But knowing that Kay feels this way about me and my brand truly means the world to me. I want to keep things magical and special for everyone invovled with me.

What do you think you will bring or contribute to Calan Mai as Lucien? A light side of playful energy to help others feel more comfortable. Wether you came with a group or by yourself, my goal is that no one feels alone and everyone feels like a main character by the time you leave.

This!! It is so important to me that everyone can feel included. I try to design the event experine with both the most extroverted person (me) in mind but also the super introverted people (Kay). The idea is that everyone can feel welcome and feel like they can fit in, make new friends and connect with others. My first focus for events is in creating unforgettable experiences and memories, with the focus o building community.

We have obviously seen a lot of Lucien content this week from you with sneak peaks and teasers, what was your experience in making content and where did your inspiration for each day of teasers come from? Lucien has such a wide range of emotions and elements to his story that his whole aesthetic is something I find so much fun to work with. He truly is a nomad so being able to bring so many different courts together for him is just so much fun.

In case you guys didn't notice it, but Kay freaking killed it with the content they created for Lucien this week. I cannot wait to see what else they have in store for creating in the next year.

What has been the biggest blessing in being a part of this community (bookish or interpret however you want)? So this is really vulnerable but I’ve found a sense of belonging. My band of exiles as Lucien might say. I’ve never been the popular one or felt like I’ve belonged anywhere really. I was at a horrible low point in my life that involved substance abuse and at one point I really didn’t think I would see another day. It’s part of my story and it might help someone but then for the first time in my life I feel like I’ve been accepted. I feel like I belong. I feel like these characters we all relate to individually have helped so many of us be found or understood when their struggles have been read by thousands. Hunt Athalar being the character truly that I looked in the mirror and cried going “that’s me”. The struggles, the flaws, the trauma, the love, the fight, the energy- and to see other people who have their “me” character is just truly inspiring.

Kay, my book bestie, Spring Court member, I just want to say how special and important you are to me. I am so happy to know that you have found a sense of belonging in this community. In all honesty, you have been the first real example of an online friend being a real friend. While Sisi was the first to worm her way into my in real life friend. You have proved that we can be friends, we can be completely different people, but find common grounds. You are such a light and force in this community and I am lucky to know you. The way that you love on everyone, share so much content, and just are a cheerleader for so many is so special. I may not cosplay, so I don't truly understand in the same way what it means to connect to a character by embodying them. But I can honestly say that so many of my friends cosplays have helped bring a character to life for me, to see a side of them I didn't, to understand passon, to find my own creativity. One of the characters I was able to truly love more and connect with is Gwyn. One of the recent videos that Kay made as Gwyn had me in absolute tears, it was beautiful, it was raw, it was empowering. When I hosted Starfall, the role of my cast was not at all the same, I learned a lot in how I want to build the experiences. The way that I am integrating cast this time is beyond different, it is Beyond the Books. And that comes from cosplayers bringing to life the characters, but also letting me get to know them and how they can serve that particualr character.

What do you wish you could change about the bookish community, and how would you go about it? More acceptance to mingle and that changes by just talking to others with an open mind.

What is your story with RMK Events by Rachel (whether a particular event, specific story, experience, convo, etc - again interpret however you want)? I auditioned for a ball for her and she messaged me one day asking me questions about a particular character and we just started talking after that. I was so excited to see an event like this for the DFW area and just how much pure passion was going into it and I was immediately inspired.

Okay, I am SO excited that I got to meet and know Kay. It all started with their audition online, but it really just kept growing and happening. I love it so much. One of the first big things that we bonded over was Zodiac Academy, which is my favorite series of all time. And the fact that so few people have read it, but Kay has, immediately knew that they were going to be a book bestie of mine. Getting added into the role of my Spring Court, just showed that I knew what was up. The unconditional love, support and encouragement that I received from Kay has just shown that I can a perfect choice in bringing them onto my team. I cannot stress what it means to me to be able to work with them. Funny enough, I am a very picky person, I have very particular tastes, and a lot of control when it comes to my events, so I think it really surprised most when everyone realized how quickly I picked out and offered spots for my Calan Mai cast. I have been thinking about this event for over a year and while I didn't know who I wanted to have for my cosplayers, I just know that I love who I have selected so far.

What are you most looking forward to reading and experiencing in the next year? Finishing Zodiac Academy which is my favorite series ever as well as attending more bookish events with my friends. I can’t wait ti meet everyone.

But this!! Kay and I have been reading Zodiac Academy 9 kind of in accidental tandem. Normally, I fly through books, like I binge read, but not lately. This has just been too busy that I have not had the time to read a lot. But we have been sending each other so many wonderful little snippets of our favorite characters, some tea, spoilers and more. I can also say that is what I am looking forward to in the next few months, as I think it will take me a hot minute to get through this last book. Also, 10/10 I agree that I cannot wait to meet everyone.

So, to round out this interview. I am so excited to be able to work with Kay. The friendship is one thing, but Kay is such an incredibly talented cosplayer. I am constantly in awe of their cosplays. I have told them many times, but their cosplays constantly shock me. Like I am in amazed of the creativity in how they bring characters to life, but also the ability to transition so seamlessly between female and male characters, the talent, the artistry it just SHOWs in all the videos and content. Overall, I will scream it from the rufftop, I am lucky to be able to work with such a wonderful person and even better cosplayer.

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