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Interview with Special Guest KT Attending Calan Mai!

General Bio About You: Hello! My name is KT and I’m from Southern California. I am 32 years old and I’ve been cosplaying for around 5 years now! Even though I’m a bit new to the book-cosplay scene, I’ve been an avid reader my whole life. I grew up alongside the characters from Harry Potter, and then found my favorite book niche (fairies!) when I got a little older. When I’m not reading or cosplaying, I’m usually working or learning kpop choreography and dancing with my cover group.

Okay, while KT might be newer to bookish cosplay, Jude was the first cosplay charcter I ever saw her do. And it brought Jude to life for me, I hadn't see her cos'd (I'm not sure if that a real word, but I am making it so.). Also, 10/10 agree about the fairies, I also love reading a good fantasy book.

How did you get into cosplaying? My sibling, Kenni, got me into it! They’ve been cosplaying for SO long and eventually I got curious enough to give it a try. It was my favorite creative outlet that really got me through quarantine era.

When did you start your reading journey and with what? Oh man, I was that kid that always carried a book around. Honestly, it was a bit obnoxious back then haha! Before I found fantasy books, I was obsessed with The Boxcar Children books and I also had these fictional diaries from girls throughout history. I think it was the Dear America series!

Following up, when did you first and last read the ACOTAR series? I was SO late to the ACOTAR series!! I found them late in 2023, my hairdresser recommended them to me.

This question always makes me so happy. I feel like a majorty of the bookish cosplay community cosplayed before reading ACOTAR and are helping to shape what this community should look like. While KT may have read the books more recently her love for cosplay is easily seen. Also, the iconic video of KT and Kenni (sibling!) reactions when reading made me instantly love both of them.

What does your character, The Bone Carver mean to you? Hmm, what does the Bone Carver mean to me? Well, I liked him from the beginning. I’ve always been a sucker for a morally grey character, bonus points if they’re old as dirt!

Okay, so storytime. I don't think I would have every found KT had she not have audtioned for my BTBB. Which in the very end, she jokes about cosplaying The Bone Carver and Weaver with her sibling. Which, let me just saw, not only shocked, but impressed me. Something that I have run into recently as a business owner planning fantasy events and casting them, is that not everyone would accept a role like The Bone Carver. I had a few "bigger", more 'main character' roles that were harder to fill. So knowing that KT had an interest even before I asked or approached the conversation, was just fate.

What qualities of The Bone Carver’s do you think that you relate to best? I, too, am very interested in bones and death. I have degree in Biocultural Anthropology! So, I think the culmination of folklore, the afterlife, and his sarcasm gave me a deep connection with him.

Okay, no way! I did not know this. First off, this is so freaking cool! Second of all, all I'm imagining is KT as like Temperence from the tv Bones, the word anthropology has me stuck on that idea.

If you could live in any court, and the answer doesn’t have to be Night Court, where would it be? And why? I’m thinking Winter or Dawn! My favorite season or my favorite time of day.

What’s your favorite Bone Carver or most impactful quote from the series? “The Bone Carver leaned back against the wall and slid to a sitting position. 'It is a rare day when I meet someone who comes back from true death. Forgive me for wanting to peer behind the curtain.” This scene showed a more human side of him, a more vulnerable side where his curiosity got the better of him.

True or False: Will The Bone carver be on the dance floor under the stars at Calan Mai? Or will he be a wall flower? Oh, ABSOLUTELY he will be on the dance floor.

Let me just say, I can't wait to see this!! I am also a sucker for being on the dance floor.

What song would immediately get you into the dance floor? After Like by Ive orrrrrr Fast Forward by Somi

What is a song that you hear that reminds you of The Bone Carver? My Boy Builds Coffins by Florence and the Machine

What movie or character reminds you of The Bone Carver? David from the movie Prometheus. I’m not entirely sure why, but their curiosity about life and death is similar.

What’s something that you wish you could change about The Bone Carver and why? I wish he was closer with his siblings, BUT it would probably be a bad thing if they all got along haha.

If you got to name the next book in the ACOTAR series what would it be and why? Oh jeeze, I’m terrible at naming things! A Court of….Light and Shadow. To me, Elain is both of these.

Ooooo I agree! I think most of the submitted titles have some play of good vs. evil, light vs. darkness, and the word shadows.

Most controversial ACOTAR opinion? Tamlin deserves a redemption arc!

Not controversal to me because I agree! I want to see Tamlins POV and also see him earn both forgiveness and respect of the people of Prythian.

What do you think The Bone Carver would wear to a Masquerade Ball? Well, I don’t think he’d appear as a child, that’s for sure! Maybe he’d show himself as the Illyrian form he had during the war.

OMG I forgot about this until reading this comment. I would actually really like a short story of The Bone Carver, Weaver, Suriel before, like how they got to Prythian, their POV's and more.

What were some of your thoughts when reading The Carver’s story, from ACOTAR to ACOSF, with what we know about him now? Honestly, I feel like we didn’t get enough of his story, but it’s a little late for it now! He did his part to save Prythian and that’s what matters.

THIS. But I agree, I want more from his sotry, especially about his past.

How do you think you will bring The Bone Carver to life at Calan Mai? I will do my best to be as cryptic as possible!

You have not attended any of RMK’s past events, what do you think your experience will be like as a cast member? Judging from my experience so far, I think it’ll be a great time! Everything is so well organized and the priority is the guest experience so I have a lot of confidence in this event.

What do you think guests should know about attending an RMK event? Guests need to know that they are going to get the star-of-the-show treatment and that every aspect of Rachel’s events are meant to create the best atmosphere possible.

Aww this means so much to me, that having never met me in person, to see and beleive in my events. I am so excited to contnue to get to know KT over the next year.

What do you think you will bring or contribute to Calan Mai as The Bone Carver? I’d like to add a bit of creepiness to the event, a reminder that the world of ACOTAR isn’t all sunshine and roses.

We have obviously seen a lot of The Bone Carver content this week from you with sneak peaks and teasers, what was your experience in making content and where did your inspiration for each day of teasers come from? We really don’t have much to go on for him, but I did my best! Of course the bones were a must, as they are essential to his power and character. I also tried to incorporate his time in the prison, the mirror, and the ashes of his long-sought after death.

Anything else about The Carver or you that you would like to add? I think that just about covers it! I wish we had gotten more of his and his siblings’ stories, but overall I enjoy everything about his character and I’m so excited to bring him to life for this event!

I really didn't know what to expect from The Bone Carvers content, but was seriously impressed. I hadn't seen any cosplays of the Carver before and can serisouly say that I see KT starting a trend of cosplaying him. I loved all the creative elements that KT brought to life through the character of the Carver. Let me just say, I also screamed when I saw the prison scenes, that was it for me.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this interview and this weeks reveal. I am super excited to continue to get to now and work with KT. We will be taking a week break from the reveals, so hold your horses and get ready for the next series of reveals that will be coming soon.

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