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Interview with Bre an RMK Influencer

Introducing another RMK Influencer. This program is quickly growing and I am so exited to have yet another amazing creator working with me. Without further information from me, mee Bre!

General Bio About You: My name is Bre! I live in DFW, TX with my husband, Bryan and two dogs, Loki and Thor. We relocated to Texas 5 years ago, and were raised in Southern California! Bryan and I have been married for 12 years this year, 

What are your passions? Hobbies? (Please tell us about this, if you are a cosplayer, author, or vendor feel free to brag and drop whatever information you would like here!) Obviously I love reading, talking about books,and shopping for them too. 

How did you get involved in the books or events community?  I have always loved reading, (the only thing I will talk about more than books is cookies) but I dove into bookish events and bookstagram even more these past 2 years. There was just a day that I decided, if others can do it, why can’t I? I joined a virtual book club, where I met some wonderful friends, and was given the opportunity to coordinate my own in-person bookclub as well. In addition to those things, I started becoming more active on social media, attending book signings or events that were local to DFW. 

Where does your creativity and passion come from? What’s your biggest piece of advice to creators looking to get into this space?Don’t compare yourself to others, everyone is in a different chapter of their life. It is easy to see others getting more traction, followers and perks, but, jealousy is the cousin of greed. (#IYKYK). 

What has your experience been in the books and events community? I have been mostly to book signings/author events, and those are always amazing. It is always fun to see the crowds that turn out for the authors, hearing them speak, and connecting with the other readers. I appreciate the effort that the publishers and authors put into coordinating the tours, and the endless hours of signings and photos they allow us fans to take! 

What is your favorite quote (whether book related or not)? “Everyday may not be good, but there is something good, in every day” - Alice Morse Earl 

What is your “Why?” (interpret this however you would like)? To enjoy life, in all of its aspects. 

If you had an anthem (song about who you are) what would it be? Okay, I took this the wrong way, LOL! This was a tough question. I love music, and the concept of a walk-up song. After a lot of self reflection, I can’t pick only one, because there are different situations, IE, a serious event, a humorous one? 

Jump by Van Halen (It’s in my Top 10 favorite songs of all time) 

Party Up by DMX  (contains one of my catch phrases) 

Right Here, Right Now by FatBoySlim (Listen to it, and just imagine me walking super seriously into a space to this, if you know me, it’ll make sense!)

Miss Murder by AFI (IT WASN’T A PHASE MOM) 

What is your favorite book and why? I truly cannot choose. There are favorites that I have for different reasons. I credit my love of reading to the Nancy Drew series, growing up, Costco would have a 3 pack of those books and during family trips, I’d get the next few to complete my set. Mysteries and Thrillers are still my favorite genre to read. That continued on with Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and on and on and on. I do however, have a master list that I pull from when folks ask for recommendations! 

On the flip side, what is a book that you really just do not recommend? I have such a hard time not recommending books. I try to keep reading a positive experience and space, so I tend to just not share or converse about the books that I haven’t enjoyed. 

Are you a fan of the “Playlists” feature that many new books are having, why or why not? I am a big fan of the playlists that are being made around books. It's such a fun way to bring books and music together. I think that I work better with a soundtrack, enjoy creating and giving playlists ridiculous names (IE, my 2000’s Elder Emo playlist, Sandpit Turtle (#IYKYK), hockey anthems called Go PUCK Yourself, and so many more). I always love when books reference bands or songs too, when we get those book moments like Say Anything and the boom box. I like getting to see which songs other readers associate with the books they are reading too. 

Do you prefer books or movies?  How dare you make me choose! Both, at the same time. 

Most controversial opinion on books to movies? Movies always do the books justice! Yeah, that’s a big no. Sometimes, the big screen is NOT the way to go as a method to appreciate our beloved books. 

What has been the biggest blessing in being a part of this community or in the world of social media for you? Social Media has brought a lot of great people into my world. I will always find it funny that growing up, we were told not to talk to strangers on the internet, but now, internet strangers have become my best friends! To start this journey, I began following bookstagrammers, and began participating in a virtual book club, whose leader I am so happy to get to call a friend now. I took the leap of coordinating my own in-person book club this past year, and have had so much fun connecting to other readers! (Shameless plug, The Local Chapter is a DFW Bookclub that reads 1 book a month and meets once a month!) 

What is something that you wish you could change about the bookish community and how do you think it is done? I wish that everyone was grateful for the opportunities that are made available to them, and made that more obvious. Authors, publishers, editors, all work hard to get books out there in the world, so when 

What is your favorite book trope and your least favorite? Why? Favorite book tropes are grumpy sunshine, fake relationship, forced proximity, second chance (are you sensing a theme here? It’s nearly all of them). 

Least favorite are sibling/family or pregnancy tropes, they give me the ick. 

What is your story with RMK Events by Rachel (whether a particular event, specific story, experience, convo, etc - again interpret however you want)? What made you want to work with RMK and/or attend events hosted by RMK? ( I combined these into one question) As most of the world has, I read ACOTAR and stumbled across Rachel’s Instagram account while scrolling one day. I loved all of the content she was sharing, and when I learned that she was local to DFW, I reached out to her to see how I could support her! We exchanged some direct messages where I got to learn more about Rachel’s experience and now, I am looking forward to supporting her efforts and events! Book events are a dream of mine, and I can't wait to see all the things we can make happen. 

What are you most looking forward to reading in 2024? All the books. Seriously. All of them. I enjoy reading just about every genre of book and really do enjoy the variation of content and storylines. To name just a few that I am excited about, the new Riley Sager, Christina Lauren, Katherine Center, Lucy Foley, and May Cobb! 

What are you most excited to experience in 2024?  In 2024, one of my bookish goals was to attend more events. I have a great start on that so far! I have had the privilege of moderating author events (with a few more coming up!) 

What’s the one thing that readers and guests should know about you? I am always happy to chat books and more with folks! I also make a mean carrot cake. 

What is your most controversial SJM opinion?  Tamlin wasn't that bad? Feyre’s a great painter? JKJK. I think that my liking Nesta is the opposite of most readers opinion! But, she is saucy, brooding and I relate so hard. 

Which is your favorite SJM book? If picking is 1000% required of me for something really important, I'd have to pick Wings of Ruin. I audibly gasped at the events (no spoilers here y'all), was engaged thought the entire book and didn't want it to end. 

Favorite ACOTAR book and character, why? Picking a character is even harder than book, because I like them all for different reasons! It's a tie for me. Rhysand is at the top of my list because, well, he's Rhysand, mysterious,  humorous, spicy and powerful. Nesta is a top character for me too, I think under her tough exterior (she is a badass!) she cares, and she means well. I there's more to her that we will get to learn about. 

If you had to guess, or had the power to name the next ACOTAR book, what would you name it and why? That's a tough one! There are so many stories that I want to see happen in the ACOTAR universe. I’d name the next one A Court of Cauldrons & Flowers, hoping that it would focus on Elain. 

Who do you want Elain Archeron to end up with? I know everyone says it, but Lucien. It just makes sense, if the bond is there between them!  

What are you wanting to contribute to the Influencer program or gain from it? I want to support Rachel, and the events that she is hosting! My big picture goal is to continue sharing books and a love of reading, through social media, events and book clubs! 

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