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Interview with Kris AKA The Suriel

You guys aren't even ready for this. Kris is my hero, my ride or die, full commitment book bestie. I swear I could ask anything of her, and she just fully commits. I want to start this interview off with saying how proud I am of Kris and constantly in awe of. Surprise, Kris is The Suriel. Now, before I get into all of the details and bragging about Kris, let me just say not everyone would say yes. To be frank, I was told no several times BEFORE Kris said yes. The Suriel isn't a super common cosplay, I only found a handful of people who had ever put together a cosplay look for the Suriel. And more than that, a lot of people weren't interested in being something that wasnt "main character" energy. Now, I didn't know Kris too well when I intitially DM'd her.

But let me just give you a little play by play...

Me: How do you feel about this?

Kris: I would give my big toe just to be a part of any event of yours.

Me: Are you serious???

Kris: I will be the fly on the wall, I will be whoever you want me to be!

AND that right there was the moment I fell in love with Kris. Actually, it was the moment that I found out she reads Zodiac Academy, then when I saw her Darcy Vega content, but you know same thing. AND don't get me strted about her content from the shoot. TOO. FREAKING. GOOD. But overall, the entre moral of this blog is meant to let you all get to know Kris, who she is, her reading habits, what kind of gossip she likes, and most importantly about her realtionship with me. Well, jk, she barely touched on this so I decided to hit it on the head and spill a lot of tea in this interview. Which is kind of ironic , considering KRIS is the SURIEL, but I guess I just really like talking and comments. To the 5% of you who actually read these, thank you and you are very welcome ahead of time. I'll help Kris out with the tea spilling this time, but don't worry she will have it down by the time Calan Mai rolls around next year.

Your Name: Kris

General Bio About You: 27 going on 80, chaos gremlin, cat parent (love my lil voids), and cosplayer. I have my BA in Creative Writing from University of Central Oklahoma (roll chos!) I've always been a big fantasy reader, picked up Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief in 6th grade and it was all downhill from there. I've been cosplaying for 6 years, funny enough my first cosplays were bookish cosplays (a Ravenclaw student and Annabeth Chase), took a while but finally made it back around to bookish side of cosplay.

What are your passions? Hobbies? I love to dance! I took classes growing up, in high school I was on the drill team, in college I took a few classes and auditioned for their dance program. After college I moved home and was kinda lost on what to do, I had also started cosplaying around this time and discovered idol groups. Shortly after this I joined one! My dance group no longer focus on just idol stuff; we're more so a cosplay dance group at this point. We've done all kinds of cool projects! Check us out @re.freshidols on all socials!

Okay, I haven't looked further into what Kris is going to say....BUT the first time we met in person, swear to God I got a hisotry lesson in all the coslay terms, anime and more. Which, I will be totally honest about, was beyond needed.

How did you get involved in the books or events community? I was a big reader most of my life and then I caught burn out my senior year of college and didn't touch another book for like 4 years. My friend Kay read Crescent City and was hounding me to read it, kept saying Bryce reminded them a lot of me so I finally gave in. Around this time Kay started getting really into the booktok cosplay community and was being asked to attend events as some of their fav characters and they talked about how excited they were. I saw Kay's audition for the Beyond the Books Ball and I kept going back and forth on whether to apply or not since it is a local event. Kay encouraged me and well now here I am lol.

Okay, first off yes. Second of all, why does Kay just introduce everyone to everythng, sweet baby angel. YES. So I am so icredibly happy and blessed that Kay encoruaged Kris to apply and reach out to me, but more than that I am beyond proud of who Kris is and to have the opportunity to work with her.

What is your favorite quote (whether book related or not)? “Eleanor was right. She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.” - Eleanor & Park, Rainbow Rowell

If you had an anthem (song about who you are) what would it be? A-O-K by Tai Verdes

What is your favorite book and why? Asking me to pick my favorite book is like asking me to pick which of my cats is my favorite, I gotta go with Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I read this book at the end of my senior year of high school and my god Cath just resonated with me so much. She's in her freshman year of college and majoring in Creative Writing just like I was. She's very introverted and is shoved out of her comfort zone and does things on her own without her sister being attached to her hip. I went to college in another state and a 4 hour drive from home, I knew no one and knew nothing about the area I was in. I had to start over making friends and finding my place on campus, I no longer had my sibling to bother so it was a big adjustment. Cath's interactions with her love interest also were very similar to myself and it was nice to read about someone else being as awkward and uncomfortable with romance as I was. I reread Fangirl at the end of last year and I loved it so much, if not more than the first time I read it.

Which of the ACOTAR books is your favorite and why? A Court of Silver Flames is my favorite book from ACOTAR, ACOWAR is a close second. I've said it a million times before and I will say it another billion times, I love Nesta! I know she is not the easiest character to like or understand but the moment she started playing a part in ACOMAF I was like that is my girl. Reading about Nesta's journey hit way too close to home, her struggles were very similar to things I struggled to work through on my own. I've always been someone who has been hard to know, like deep down, I have walls the size of skyscrapers and rarely let anyone get behind them. No one can hurt you if they can't get to your vulnerable parts, right? Since I'm so guarded I have tended to come off as a bitch sometimes... It also doesn't help that I have terrible RBF. I've been a lot better about not coming off as cold and internalizing so many issues that were not in my control, it's something I've been actively working on in therapy. Watching Nesta struggle to like herself and accept that hindsight is 20/20 and there is nothing she can do to change the past all you can do is heal from it and take it one day at a time. Her fierce loyalty struck a chord with me, I am so loyal to a fault to those I hold near and dear. You need someone to cry to? You need someone to come pick you up from a bad situation? Someone bothering you and you're not gonna stand up for yourself? I'm your girl! Alright I think I've rambled on enough about Nesta being my soul character.

This is why Kris is my book bestie, because A Court of Silver Flames is also my favorite. I love Nesta too!! She is my everything and knowing how Kris feels about Nesta just makes me love her even more. Also, again, just so proud of Kris, her healing journey and the rawness in this entire answer. I relate so much, with having such a hard exterior, the fear to let people in. This community has personally helped me heal so much, getting to meet and connect with so many new people, it helps me to love myself more and better. Also, Kris's message about loyalty, I have SEEN this tried and true. Even after only knowing Kris for a short period of time, I have seen her fiercenes, I have seen her step into peoples corner, love with her whole heart, and fight for you. That is Nesta, but more than that, it is Kris.

Also, I would like to take moment of silence to honor this picture and the video associated with it. Kris, you freaking empower me and give me so much confidence, I am so in awe of you.

If you were in the world of Prythian, which court would you be in? Honestly, I'd live in either the Summer or Autumn Court. I've always loved the beach, it is one of my favorite places to be... I blame PJO lmao. Tarquin is also a very genuine person, he just wants what's best for his people and to break the outdated traditions. Autumn is my favorite season, it's chilling so I can wear my warmer clothes but not cold enough for me to freeze, granted I would not want to live in that court of Beron is still High Lord... yeah I'm good.

Okay, Kris would THRIVE in the Summer Court. If these water pictures don't convince you, then I dont think anything can.

If you had the opportunity to winnow away to the Spring Court would you, why, and what would you do? I would go to the Spring Court just to see all the flowers and experience its beauty. I wouldn't be able to stay long before my allergies take me out like they do Cassian lmao.

Okay, can't relate because I thrive in the Spring...I'd be bopping back and forth between Spring and Night all the time. But also, Cassian is faking it. He just silly and scared that Bryaxis might be hiding with all the other mosters in the Spring Court. Tell me I'm wrong.

With ACOTAR #6 coming out next, who are you wanting Elain to end up with and why? I want Elain to end up with Lucien. He's so sweet to her and he respects her space as she processes the most traumatic event of her life. He doesn't press her and force her to spend time with him because they're mates, he lets her adjust and when he's not wanted he leaves. He's honestly just trying to get to know her and not push any romantic relationship on her because the stars said so. He's trying so hard, Maas, please give him something happy. #HappinessForLucien2024

Okay, don't be a hater. I love Lucien, but I don't love how Elain has treated him, regardless of all of her trauma. I just want to see Lucien loved, fully and wholy, not for him to have to fight for her attention and affection. Persoanlly, I am on the Elain and Tamlin train, mainly because I beleive in redemption. I guess if you read all of my interviews and know me, then you have seen the bits and pieces of myself that I have given to all of you. Well, I feel like as much as I am a Nesta, I have had my Tamlin moments too. My need to control the situations around me, to not change things, to let my negative feelings overpower the positve ones. I also genuinely want to know what was going on in his head.

Let's take a moment to appreciate how Kris has so much main character energy in this photo. Literally, ALL EYES are on her, as they should be. I am just loving all the energy that Kris has. Don't get me started on her pond and sword play, this woman just lights up the room.

Is there a particular book or character that you have carried with you, or severely impacted you? I already talked about Nesta, she is honestly the character I see myself most in out of everything I've read. That pressure to be the best, to set the example for younger siblings since you're the oldest, to never show weakness. They way she is too prideful to ask anyone else for help, cause you should be able to do everything yourself. Her self destructive spirals and keeping herself guarded with walls that never end, people can't hurt you if they can't get in to see the vulnerable parts. The way she internalizes everything and looks back on events that she had no control over and blaming herself for the outcomes even though it still would've ended the same. All that pent up rage, god there is so much of it and it burns so hot you feel like you're going to explode. The way she feels so damaged inside for anyone, if she lets anyone in and they see the mess that is herself they'll turn tail and run. The way she was always on the outside of every circle, the leftover puzzle piece that has no home, but pushing those who love her the most away because to have something like that can so easily be taken away. It's better to be angry and alone than to risk being hurt and losing everything. Her self healing journey was a lot and helped me process my own issues of not liking myself and being considered "damaged goods" that I didn't deserve anything good. She found her group with the Valkyries, others who understood that feeling and will always have each other's backs no matter what. And as cheesy as it is to say I feel like I found that with everyone who participated at the Calan Mai shoot.

Wow... that got real deep real fast... did I cry while typing this answer? Possibly...

Stop, I am not cryng you are. The rawness in all of this, just so much truth. And not the comment about the Calan Mai shoot. This just means so much to me. I want to continue to create spaces for everyone to be themselves, to make content, find new friends and heal in this community.

Are you a fan of the “Playlists” feature that many new books are having, why or why not? If so, link your favorite playlist! I LOVE reading playlists! Usually when I'm reading I'll search Spotify for a playlist someone else has already made and listen to that in the background, really helps set the atmosphere. It is the best when I can find a playlist made by the author!

What has been the biggest blessing in being a part of this community or in the world of social media for you? The bookish cosplay community gave me the motivation to cosplay outside of conventions and get back into making content. Mid 2022 I had a really nasty breakup and my ex is heavily involved in the DFW cosplay scene and I just took a really big step back for cosplay all together. I was processing what had happened and cosplay was something we did a lot together and I just couldn't do it on my own. I still went to cons and did shoots and things with my dance group, but I didn't go out of my way to get into cosplay and make content like I used to, I was just kinda there. Joining booktok has changed all of that. I find myself getting into cosplay in my free time and taking pictures as well as making tiktoks, I actually have recent content to post after so long! I finally feel like I have a safe space that's mine again and I don't feel like I have constantly be looking over my shoulder and its so nice.

Ugh, I hate what happened and that it took so long for you to find your place in this communoty again. But I am also so proud of how you have healed, this journey you have been on, seeing how you connect and bring characters to life. This space is yours and what you do Kris is beautiful, empowering and impactful.

On the flip side, what do you wish you could change about this community and how do you think it needs to be done? I wish people would be nicer and more uplifting of one another. I've spent most of my cosplay journey in the anime side of things and my god people can be so mean and for no reason. People who don't even follow you or have any connection in any way to you or anyone in your circle, they're just mean for the sake of being mean. Like come on, we are dressing up as fake characters... its really not that serious, plus I love seeing everyone's own take on characters!

I hate this for you too. Every good thing always has an ugly side, which is just so sad. I hate all the negativity toward cosplay, especially in the last few months. Things overall have gotten really out of hand, which is not okay.

What is your favorite book trope and your least favorite? I'm such a sucker for enemies to lovers... like I will eat that shit up so hard everytime. Least favorite is gonna have to go to either accidental pregnancy or love triangle... just no. Though gun to my head I would take a love triangle over accidental pregnancy.

Are you a TikTok or Instagram personality? I'd have to say I'm more of an instagram personality, I'm way more active there then I am tiktok.

Me too, Insta all the way babyyyyyyy!!!!

What is your story with RMK Events by Rachel (whether a particular event, specific story, experience, convo, etc - again interpret however you want)? So I saw Rachel's tiktok for Starfall, unfortunately my friend and I found out about it late so the funds were not there, honestly so jealous I didn't go, it looked like so much fun! Following that she opened auditions for her next ball and my friend Kay auditioned and then encouraged me to as well, with it being in my area how could I not? I kid you not the way I screamed after she followed me back was embarrassing, pretty sure I scared my cats lmao. Following that we messaged a little bit and then she suggested we get coffee sometime, well it ended up being a Chuy's date with Allison crashing and it was a great time! And the rest in history lmao.


Stop why am I laughing at you screaming that I followed you back. But also, I've been told this multiple time lols. I have rules for social media, on my personal and reading accounts I will follow anyone, but not my business page. Until I get into the position of knowing or working with you then I'm not following you. Now, this isn't out of meaniness. It is genuinley there for a few reasons, the biggest being my own sanity, the next being that it limits my scroll time on social media, and finally if I can't name every person that I am following, then why am I even following them. Now, let me just say I have had a few awkward moments....where I followed someone back and they brought it up, or being point blank asked why I don't follow someone...or someone saying I hurt their feelings because I don't follow them. But knowing how much Kris and so many others have celebrated me following them shows me the worth of my follow. Also, yes, I asked for Chuy's lols and I dragged Allison over after work. I have to make people who are my people love people who will be my new people. So, bascially Allison and Kris had to meet and be friends too. AND let me just say Kris was wearing one of KB's tshirts which had me screaming. I love this community, I love these people so much. And I must comment on the fact that Kris is humling my stupidity at our dinner date with the fact that I am just super uncultured.

What about the Suriel do you love? Bro is always spilling the tea and I am here for it. He also only wants what is best for Feyre and keeps coming back to help help her.

How do you think you relate to the Suriel? He be knowing that drama, (this is going to make me sound so bad lols) I am a very nosey person will find out what is going on with you just becuase I want to know. I like to hear about the drama, but not be a part of it. He's also become a a true friend to Feyre, even though he knows his end is looking he still comes to Feyre to help her and that's me, I will do anyhing and everything for those I love.

Honestly same though. I had a lot of drama in high school, and college was a starting over point and now, I am an adult. I need drama, but not my own. I basically live through my younger sisters drama or whatever s going on online but I try not to touch anything with a 10 foot pole. So Kris, you are not a bad person lols, in fact we are just the same person when it comes to drama. This is why watch A LOT of dramatic shows that are so unrealistic but they satisfy the need for drama, cat fights, yelling, and more. Like I want it, but for it to not be my own.

What does being the Suriel mean to you? It means that I get to have fun and bring everyones favorite tea spiller to life. I get to give him the screen time that she deserves but wasn't given.

THIS, this is totally it. i am beyond excited to see Kris s the role of the Suriel. Like you guys, A. you are going to love her so much, B. the amount of love and energy she has poured into building out this cosplay, C. the fact that Kris is probably the most down to earth BUT chaotic peron I know = the Suriel.

Like Kris put her entire body in the pond on her own. I stay screaming at the fact that no one else was willjng to get as wet as Kris, and she straight up said soak me and went ALL in. And let me just say, the pictures, the content, all of it swas SO worth it. I stay screaming. Kris ithe perosnt hat I cknow I can send the most chaotic wild ideas nad she doesn't ask any questions se just commits. For example...I asked recently for her to join a super secret project without giving ANY context and she commited. Kinda like she commited to this shoot, she commited to the Suriel, my girl is a freaking team playing queen. And I am SO freaking lucky to have her on my team.

What do you think you will be able to bring to Calan Mai by being the Suriel? I get to run around and cause chaos (the approprate amount) all day. I've got a big personality and thrive for chaoticcharacters. Also Court and I just clicked instantly at the shoot and we're gona have a lot of fun at Calan Mai!

I 100% agre with this, Kris has so much personality and I am here for it all. I started out this blog mentining that several peole were not interested in being the Suriel, but Kris jumped at it. I mean, this was a top role for me. I have all these fun and crazy interactive ideas for the Suriel. To have the Suriel isn't supposd to be a joke, to have any of my coslayers or characters isn't meant to be joke. I have intentnion with EVERY cosplayer adn character. There is a unique and one of a kind way that they are being intepagraed within he event of Calan Mai.

If the Suriel got to control fate, who would Elain end up with? I think he would honestly break the mating bond and give Elain back her choices. She should e able to chose who she wants without bein pushed in one direction or another just becuase the cauldron said so.

Honestly, I totally agree with this. The Suriel is so selfless and does without and I think he (I called her a her this whole interview and Kris just turned him into a boy on these last few questions) anyways, I think he would also give Elain bac control over her fate. Cue the Merida (Brave) if you had the chance to choose your fate would ya?

What are you most looking forward to reading and experiencing in 2024? In 2024 I am most excited to attend my first bookish event! I snagged tickets to A Night in Terresian in September and I can't wait! (I haven't read TOG yet... well I read book one years ago and didnt care for it much so I never continued the series... BUT I will read it before then! Will I finish the series beforehand? Tune in in September to find out lol).

First off, I am super jealous. Throne of Glass is my FAVORITE, but also that is going to be so much fun, there are so many amazing friends and creators going.

I just want to take another moment to say how much I loved this blog and interview. Kris kind of just wormed her way into my life and let me just say I don't regret it at all. Kris mentioned the hard exterior above and I relate to that so much. Getting to know people can be hard. I wouldn't say that Kris and I immediatiely clicked, but she has also become such a close friend, through showing up, multiple hang outs, the shoots and just staying engaged in each others lives. I am in constant awe of who Kris is, learning about the grace that she has, her life, her cosplays, just all of it. Kris is such a light, she is a joy to get to work with and I am so very excited to see what this entire next year has in store for us. I cannnot wait for you all to see all of the projecs that Kris and I are working on together, there are literally so many sneaky little things that are up both of our sleeves. And trust me, we have TONS planned for the Suriels content, there is just so much that is coming, and I cannot wait for you all to continue to see it. Like so many fun and unique ideas for how to bring the Suriel alive. Literally, just so much content. Also, if you read this far, I really hoped that you enjoyed it, there is so much more to come. Anyways, I love you all so much and hope that you enjoyed this piece that is all about Kris. And Kris, thank you so much for all that you have done. I am SO freaking excited to keep getting to know you.

P.s. if anyone needs a good meme or a funny cat video, Kris is your woman.

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