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A Moroccan, Polish & Canadian Wedding

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

This wedding was unique in all aspects - in the brides and grooms ethnic identities, the vendors chosen, the cuisine served, the venue that hosted, the decor that built the vision and the guests who attended.

Lidia & Alec - March 12, 2022

Let me just say this wedding was beyond beautiful and celebrated so many wonderful cultures. With the bride being half Polish and half Moroccan, and the groom being Canadian-American this wedding had many elements of so many cultures.

These sneak peeks are to DIE FOR. Seriously, 90 pictures and calling it a "sneak peek" are the bread and the butter and literally make me beyond happy. Choosing out of hundreds of pictures from a wedding album is so difficult for me, luckily Megan made a huge sneak peek album for me, which is really more like a wedding "highlights" of all the best pictures.

So, what makes this wedding so fun, so vibrant, and SO cultural - the many elements of so many beautiful cultures and the mixture of guests who attended.

This wedding had a DREAM team, a true community of neighbors, friends, and family who came together to ensure that this was the wedding of both Lidia and Alec's dreams.

The stunning wooded land served as both campgrounds for many of the guests, and as a beautiful ceremony site.

The stunning wooded land served as both campgrounds for many of the guests, and as a beautiful ceremony site.

Believe it or not, this venue was quite literally made just for Lidia and Alec's wedding. Alec's parents had the land for a bit but designed and built this stunning barndamenium with the known purpose of it serving as the venue for the reception.

A very scary moment that happened during this wedding was during the ceremony when one of the tables set in the tent nearby for the reception broke. This resulted in the destruction of the centerpieces, water goblets, dinner plates and so much more. Luckily no guests or staff were injured during this incident, but it did result in a very loud crashing noise that startled many guests and myself. The table ultimately broke due to the ground being soft from it raining the night before.

One of the biggest concerns for Lidia and Alec was whether or not the weather was going to act accordingly, whether that be rain, cold temperatures, or simply the psycho weather that Texas sometimes bears. To avoid this concern we rented a tent and siding and built an entirely different atmosphere for the guests when leaving the ceremony site and stepping into the tented reception. To build an environment that felt like a normal venue we brought in a large heating unit, added fairy lights throughout, built a balloon arch at the tent entrance, and added carpets onto the ground.

This is my favorite shot, it means everything to me. I have always wanted to see a couple do a mirror reflection picture and this turned out better than I could have imagined. As Lidia and Alec were finishing up with their portraits and walking back up to the tent I stopped and asked Megan (the amazing Photographer) if she could capture their reflection in the mirror which features their names and wedding date.

Overall, this wedding was a dream for me. The culture, the cuisine, the people, the venue, the decor and the love between the couple was unique, special, beautiful and like no other!

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