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Our ACOTAR Dream Castings

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

So the rumor mill has been claiming that an ACOTAR series will be coming soon - but that has been the biggest piece of gossip for a few years now. I decided it would be fun to have myself (Rachel), Andre and Allison (my sister) to each make our dream casting list for the show. Some things we agree on, others we really do not. This makes it super fun because we all read and imagine the characters in different ways, some of us (@ ME) have even gone YEARS saying some of the characters names wrong (whoopsies - sorry Rhys).

So to know a little more about each of us and our casting styles! The way we picked was that we could not share - if someone claimed an actor or actress first then they were out of the running for the rest of us - which made it way more fun.

Here are some reminder descriptions!

Rhysand: short black hair, sensual grace, pale skin, vibrant blue-violet eyes

Feyre: gold brown hair

Cassian: dark hair, tan skin, hazel eyes, rough looking, also ripped

Azriel: dark hair, tan skin, hazel eyes, ripped, shrouded in shadows

Mor: sun-kissed, bright golden skin, brown eyes, full lips

Amren: glossy and straight, tan skin,. and smooth silver eyes

Tamlin: golden haired, green eyes flecked with amber, can literally turn into a beast, a bit wild, pretty by hard

Lucian: red hair, russet eyes, a hot head

Amarantha: deep red hair, pale skin, ebony eyes, pure evil

Nesta: gold brown hair, sharp features, strong willed

Elaine: gold brown hair, rounded features, lovely, kind, innocent

I'll start off with my sister Allison's casting choices and a bit about her. Allison is 17 years old and read the first book A Court of Thorns and Roses when she was 15, she's been on the ACOTAR fandom bus for a few years now. My sister is also as Gen-Z as you can get - hence some of her choices for casting. P.s. for those wondering - no, I have not let her read A Court of Silver Flames yet!

Me: Rachel, 24 years old, read the first book at 22 and have been a true fan and devoured all of SJM's content over the years! I'm an all around dark romance fantasy reader and kill for morally grey men. On the outside I'm bright, bubbly, colorful, but the inside is full of shades of grey, touch her and you die vibes.

Andre, also 24 years old, and just read the entire ACOTAR series this year, since I forced her. But, now she's a true fan and totally jumping into other fantasy series, curtsey of yours truly. Her choices for character reflect her taste - classic, hot, and can burn down this world with their abs.

Now that you have seen all of our choices - let's vote between each of our character casts to build the ultimate cast! The power is now in your hands - pick the ultimate dream cast. \


  • Richard Deiss

  • Ian Somerhalder

  • Henry Cavill


  • Alycia Debnam

  • Emilia Clarke

  • Abigail Cowen


  • Chris Hemsworth

  • Alexander Ludwig

  • Can Yaman


  • Theo James

  • Matthew Daddario

  • Kit Harrington


  • Margo Robbie

  • Claire Holt

  • Jennifer Lawrence


  • Kat Graham

  • Camila Mendes

  • Jamie Alexander


  • Sam Claflin

  • Alex Pettyfer

  • Austin Butler


  • Sam Heughan

  • Daniel Sharman

  • Eddie Redmayne


  • Katheryn Winnick

  • Madeline Petsch

  • Kiera Knightly


  • Phoebe Tonkin

  • Cara Delevingne

  • Sophie Turner


  • Phoebe Dynevor

  • Lily Reinhart

  • Josephine Langford


  • Natalie Dormen

  • Dove Cameron

  • Anya Taylor-Joy

Do you agree with the votes? Let us know in the comments below! Once all the voters have spoken we will do a full reveal of our dream cast and which actors and actresses were voted on by you. When the official cast gets announced (one of the days we pray) then we can compare and contrast who we Fancast to who was really cast within each role. Happy voting & casting!



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