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Meet: Andre

Andre Ujcich Texas A&M

Andre Ujcich

Hello, my name is Andre Ujcich. I attended Texas A&M University where I studies Business Management and graduate in May 2021. I have a passion for creativity and bringing fantasies to life. 

For my full time employment I work in freighting logistics across the US. As I am newer to the event industry I have a drive to learn all things event related. I am so grateful to not only have an amazing mentor and business partner but also a best friend to work along side. 

In the past, I have worked on sorority events, concerts, festivals, charity events and more. I have a great love for live entertainment from concerts to shows to performances. I had the opportunity to run a Live Entertainment venue and bar in Port Aransas Texas for 4 years where I grew to love all things live music and entertainment. Working with version musicians on a weekly bases taught me many lessons. I learned to work with all different kinds of people, understand an audiences wants and needs and how to network to form relationships that I can call on when needed. 

I am so looking forward to see what this next adventure has in store for me and what this industry has to teach me. 

Andre Ujcich travels

What my weekend *usually* consists of:

designing new pieces with resin, selling at local markets & spending time with friends

Small Details

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Places I Have Lived: Dallas, College Station & Port Aransas

Pet: Coco my very sassy and fluffy cat

Drink of Choice: Lemon Drop

Favorite Food: Pastas!

Dream Wedding Location: A castle in Europe 

Favorite Book: Divergent series

College: Texas A&M University - GIG 'EM

Favorite Colors: Blues and blush pink

Best Decision I Ever Made: Taking 3 weeks off of work to travel the world with my best friend (aka @Rachel)

Favorite Flowers: Peonies, Roses, Ranunculus, and Dahlias

Words That Describe Me: kind, adventurous, creative, joyful, adaptable

Andre Ujcich small details
Beyond the Books Events by RMK

chaser of dreams 

& adventures

Andre Ujcich The Blushing Rose

Business Owner Of:  The Blushing Rose

The Blushing Rose is a creative outlet that began as a hobby, but has since exploded into a business that I take great pride in. I have a love of flowers and jewelry and during covid I found a way to combine those passions into a craft, art, hobby and now job. It began with making unique jewelry pieces and has expanding to preserving wedding bouquets and making unique pieces like coasters, book ends, and business card holders. 

Andre Ujcich Business Manager
Andre Ujcich Business Manager
Andre Ujcich Business Manager
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