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Influencer Application

If you are interested in being an Influencer for RMK Events by Rachel, please fill out this form. This is an application that we will review as each comes in, filling out this form does not guarantee that you will be selected to be an Event Influencer. We will have a limited number of Influencers per event as each event will have different requirements. 

What Being An Influencer Means: Being an Influencer for RMK means using your social platform to build awareness and help promote events for RMK


-Following and engaging in RMK Events by Rachels social media posts (Instagram, TikTok, Blog, Threads, Facebook)

-Creating and posting a minimum of 1 post per week during event promotion and tagging or collaborating with RMK on the posts

-Sharing RMK's posts on your "Stories" 

- Creating hype for upcoming events and engaging with those interested in the event 

Perks (please note that specific list of perks will be assigned per event):

-Comped ticket to the event (some events, like the Balls, will have more specific Influencer requirements and will include more perks like a comped ticket for a plus 1) 

-Access to photographers & videographers at events for content prior to the event 

-Event gift bag 

-Meet & greets with cast members and other Special Guests

-After Party comped ticket (this is only applicable to Balls with an After Party)

Influencer Application

To apply, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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