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Featured Vendors

Check out some of our favorite vendors who have been featured at past events and can be found at future events!


Allison's Sketchbook

Events: Starfall Ball (Nov. 2023) & Threshing Party! (Jan. 2024)

About: Allison is a recent graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington with a degree in Visual Communication and a minor in Advertising. I have a passion for story telling and I showcase it through my vibrant designs and illustrations. I specialize in graphic design, illustration, and anywhere else I can let my creativity shine. 


The Blushing Rose

Custom jewelry, preserved florals and unique pieces!

Instagram: @the_blushingrose

Aurora's & Prose

Owned by KB, a pediatric physical therapist, dog mom, aspiring author, cosplayer, content creator, chai latte lover, cancer, ENFJ, Enneagram four with a deep love for fandom! 

Auroras & Prose came to be when she was in graduate school, needing an outlet for her creativity. She was burnt out and in a dark place, and starting drawing, crocheting and creating again! Auroras & Prose was originally named “Coastal Bee Designs” and started with selling keychains, stickers, and crochet blankets locally in early 2021. After beginning to read again, KB was reminded why she had such a passion for fandom and wanted to create based off the fandoms she loves. KB began on etsy with mostly stickers, but after several months began selling apparel as well! Her love for these stories (as well as the vast number of amazing worlds she has discovered since jumping back into reading) has been so magical. When rebranding Auroras & Prose in January of 2023, she wanted the brand to encompass that magic, passion, and wanderlust we feel when we enter a new fantastical world through media. The name “Auroras & Prose” was inspired by the unique colors and magic found in the Aurora Borealis, the feeling of comfort we get through prose, and of course- her favorite Taylor Swift song. KB strives to support many authors and artists, and is hoping to add even more fandoms while she expands!

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