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Interview With: Julie AKA the nyc bookworm

You guys know the drill, the first few sentences of this blog will be about how obsessed I am with the person I interviewed. So here it goes. I am so freaking obsessed with Julie.

True story, when Julie reached out to be asking a few questions about auditioning, I was super confused with it, her video was posted the day auditions closed, and while the vibes were all there I was confused. Her video was SO fun to watch, there was so much heart and creativity in it. Flash forward and I had reached out to Julie because she forgot to include a few things (which yes, I reached out to everyone who did not include things they lost points on). And she DM'd me from her personal account on Instagram. Flash forward again and the nycbookwork follows me, then she tells me that my encouragement, love and support gave her the boost to create her bookstagram. I cried. We hadn't really talked for about a month, but then all of sudden we were talking all the time. It was a friendship that just clicked, it was immediate. I won't spill all the tea stay tuned and keep on reading for more!!

Your Name: Julie Tee (@thenycbookworm)

General Bio About You: 

I’m Julie! I’m 27 years old and born and raised in NYC. I originally come from the acting world, made my way into event planning and now work full-time in public relations. In my free time, I enjoy reading, traveling and creating bookish content!

What are your passions? Hobbies?

I’m extremely passionate about content creation - especially cinematic storytelling. Prior to my roles in corporate events and PR, I was a drama major with a dream of bringing stories to life on a screen. I still intend to do that through my cosplays and content creation! 

If you’re a cosplayer, please list all your cosplays:

I’ve cosplayed Nesta, Feyre and Elain from ACOTARA but I am so excited to explore more characters as I continue to build my portfolio and come up with new ideas!

How did you get involved in the books or events community? 

After reading Harry Potter as a kid, I fell in love with all things fantasy and magic. While I tried to keep up with reading, like many of us, I got caught up in daily life - school, work, etc. While my love for fantasy and magical worlds never really went away, I just couldn’t find my spark. Fast forward to 2022, a friend recommended the “A Court of Thorns and Roses” series to me and I have not stopped reading since. Since then, I’ve connected with tons of accounts who appreciate all things fantasy, started creating content on social media and connected with people from all over the world! 

Where does your creativity and passion come from? 

Being an ex-drama major, passion for these characters is in my blood and coming from the events space allows me to think outside of the box and tap into my creative side. 

What’s your biggest piece of advice to creators looking to get into this space? 

Connect with everyone - big game players in the community and the little guys! I follow basically every account that engages with my content because I genuinely want to make new bookish friends. It takes a team of people to grow, and the love and support from your book besties  will help you navigate your way in this community. 

Let me just say, I am constantly in awe of Julie. She is truly as artist. While she doesn't "cosplay" in the same sense that a lot of my other creatives does, Julie brings her favorite fantasy characters to life in her own unique way. I personally love that she goes for a cinematic, romantic, all around bad ass look. And let me just say I am constantly in impressed with all the people that Julie works with, like she isn't just creating herself, but working with amazing photographers, artists, editors and graphic designers to bring these pieces to life.

Following up, what do you wish that you know before you started creating within the bookish space? 

I wish I knew just how supportive this community is. I had a feeling that I’d get some level of support but the love and encouragement has been overwhelming in the best way possible. I feel  awful for even hesitating to create this account because I was scared of what people may think - boy was I wrong. 

^ Here is just more great content of Julie. Personally, I love how diverse her content is. Like the fact that is a mixture of cosplay, romanticizing your life, for fun content and more. Julie doesn't just put herself into one single box, she explores her creativity and makes such fun, unique and engaging content.

What has your experience been in the books and events community? 

I have been on BookTok for a few months and Bookstagram for just over a month and it has been incredible. While I haven’t attended a bookish event just yet, I’m excited to connect with all my online book besties in person! 

Julie has taken the bookstagram world by the horns! She is dominating in create such fun and unique content. I freaking love to see what she is going to create. Whether in cosplay or simply as a bookish girly. Her content just always makes me smile. I feel like I connected so well to Julie becuase we have very similar aesthetics and personalities. Julie understands the events industry, she is a city girl, and just loves all the bookish things like me.

What is your favorite quote (whether book related or not)? 

“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.” - C.S. Lewis

What is your “Why?” (interpret this however you would like)? 

My “why” I do this - cosplay, create content, connect with book besties is my younger self. Little Julie would be so proud of me for putting myself out there and finally being her full self to find her people. 

Rach is super proud of Julie all the time :)

If you had an anthem (song about who you are) what would it be? 

My anthem would probably be “Anti Hero” by Taylor Swift. Sometimes I can be a lot and while I’m grateful I have a circle that remains by my side,  I know I can be a bit exhausting. I’m eternally grateful for my true ride or dies. 

What is your favorite book and why? 

My favorite book (currently) is A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas. It’s my perfect recipe for a fantasy book = action, suspense, romance, character development, world-building.

This picture just HAD to be included and it fits perfectly with this question. First off, this picture is stunning of Julie. Secondly, my bestie and events artist Allison Owens created the portal and put Velaris (THE CITY OF STARLIGHT!!) into the picture frame. Two of my favorite people now collaging, hell freaking yes. I LOVE to see it. Also, just obsessed, like I want to step through this portal into the world of Prythian soooooo badly!

On the flip side, what is a book that you really just do not recommend? 

I don’t really have one! I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read in different ways!

Is there a particular book or character that you have carried with you, or severely impacted you? 

While I haven’t finished the series yet, Celaena Sardothien, from the Throne of Glass series is a character I carry with me. Since we meet her while she is so young and still very much naive, she reminds me of my young self. It’s almost like watching her grow is me replaying  my teen years - the mistakes, the romance, the badassery and the sass. 

Are you a fan of the “Playlists” feature that many new books are having, why or why not? 

I am a fan! I personally enjoy listening to music while I read so they’re helpful! I only listen to instrumentals though and tend to opt for “movie score” style playlists when reading. 

Do you prefer the books or the movies? 

Both! A few of favorite adoptions are: The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and The Vampire Diaries

TBH same, it really just depends. Like sometimes the movie or show brings it to life in a way I never saw coming or expected and other times it is totally not for me. A few that I really have enjoyed are Bridgerton, Hunger Games and Twilight. Bridgerton has taken on a few really big differences, but the casting choices, the drama, getting to see what is happening outside of just the single character, and DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON THE MUSIC!!!

What is a character that you deeply relate to and has impacted you in a significant way? 

I would say Nesta from the ACOTAR series. I know she’s a character that resonates with a ton of people, especially women. I appreciate that her journey isn’t linear, which makes her so much easier to relate to. There have been plenty of times I’ve failed the ones I care about most and they continued to reach their hand out to me despite my behavior. Her journey reminds me that it’s okay to not have it all together all the time. 

What has been the biggest blessing in being a part of this community or in the world of social media for you? 

The people. I have never felt more seen than I do when I connect with people in the bookish community. I truly think I’ve made some of the very best friends here and I couldn’t be more grateful. 

What is something that you wish you could change about the bookish community and how do you think it is done? 

Nothing. Besides the very rare hate comments (which no one can control) - I wouldn’t change a thing. This community is beautiful. 

What is your favorite book trope and your least favorite? Why? 

My favorite book trope is enemies to lovers or forbidden love - something about a scandal gets me going! My least favorite is probably friends to lovers - probably because I’ve experienced it IRL and it’s not all it’s cut out to be! 

What is your story with RMK Events by Rachel (whether a particular event, specific story, experience, convo, etc - again interpret however you want)? 

I had the pleasure of coming across Rachel’s content earlier this year when I came across a call for cosplayers audition opportunity on BookTok for her Beyond The Books Ball! I went out on a whim and applied - weeks later I started engaging with Rachel and eventually made a bookstagram. We continued chatting and found that we had a ton in common. Not only is Rachel an absolute gem but she’s extremely professional and passionate about her brand  - she’s a huge asset to this community and I owe a lot of my success as a community member to her.

Screaming and crying from how sweet this answer is and how amazing Julie is. Cats coming out of the bag now, but Julie is actually been my guinea pig for the last month helping me test run my Influencer Program. Which surprise, Julie is an RMK Influencer! I have absolutely loved getting to explore this working relationship with Julie, getting to have a sounding board for ideas, talking marketing, event ideas, books and more. It is just a sweet and pure friendship. Getting to try out ideas with her and pick her brain has been so helpful. And let me just say, again lols, Julie so incredibly talented, she offers a lot of guidance and moral support to me. I was really nervous to launch the Influencer Program, mainly because I don't like to fail, I also don't like to launch a half-assed idea. I want for things to make sense, for the ground work to be there, to see how it should go, and Julie has been so gracious in me launching this program, telling me what makes sense, what might need a little work, and how to improve.

What made you want to work with RMK and/or attend events hosted by RMK? 

RMK Events is unique in that you get an intimate experience and truly get to connect with your book besties. Since Rachel puts a “cap” on events, having a specific number of attendees allows everyone to actually get to know each other, which creates a positive environment where everyone can chat, sing and dance through the night - and still remember each others names the next day!

What are you most looking forward to reading in 2024? 

I am currently reading the Throne of Glass series and I am so excited to finish. It may just top ACOTAR for me! 

I have been living vicariously through Julie reading the Throne of Glass books. This is my all time favorite series, the world building, the characters, the development, the fantasy. It literally makes me want to scream, it is my Roman Empire book series. Heheh to all of Julies comments above about TOG and knowing what is to come. And also, if anyone else ever wants to send me play by plays or live reactions I LIVE FOR THEM.

What are you most excited to experience in 2024? 

I’m hopefully going to attend a few book bestie meetups across the country (and possibly world)! I’m arranging meet ups with content creators and cosplayers, and I can’t wait to meet my bookish peeps IRL!

Julie has made me so happy, to impressed and beyond proud of her. She is literally building a community. She is such a wonderful light and it shouldn't surprise anyone that people want to be around her. When she told me she was having her first coffee meet up I screamed for her. She is living proof of what the RMK brand is about. She inot just a beautiful soul who is taking on NYC, she is following through on my number one goal, of building community. Social media is one thing, but taking it out into the real world is something else. Every time I see or hear about a group getting together in real life it brings me so much joy. I absolutely love to see it. I want to build community, and knowing that Julie wants to build community too is so special. I cannot imagine the RMK without Julie now. I cannot wait to find the time to winnow myself over to NYC to get to explore the city with Julie.

What’s the one thing that readers and guests should know about you? 

I am a social butterfly and extrovert! Please don’t be shy - I’m ready to be your hype girl, photographer and book bestie!

I have to tell people all the time, just don't be scared, reach out, slide up, send the DM. We are all here for community. I think a lot of us forget that we all need community, that we want new friends, that we have the same interests, that we all love the fantasy worlds. So following up on Julie, do the reach out. In my interview with Sisi from a few weeks ago, I talked about how scared I was when someone reached out for the first time wants to meet me, it freaked me out. The first step was hard, meeting a stranger, but it was the start of a beautiful and wonderful friendship. I cannot wait to get to meet with Julie in person one day soon, whether I make it to NYC in the next year or getting to meet Julie at Calan Mai here in Fort Worth.

Anything else that you want to add, feel free, to put in here:

I am so excited and honored to be an RMK Events influencer and can’t wait to see everyone at Calan Mai!

Me FREAKING too!! Like I am just so excited to continue to get to know Julie over the next year. She will kick ass in promoting Calan Mai, creating content, giving us killer moves on the dance floor, and getting all kinds of content at the event.

Link your socials here: 

IG - @thenycbookworm

TikTok- @juliietee


Photographer - @her.socialstory

Editor - @allisonssketchbook 

Editor - @legendofsachi

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