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Part 2: Crescent City Inspo for the Beyond the Books Ball

Okay, one of the looks that I know that you have been waiting for. If I were a stylist and got to pick out the dresses for each of these leading ladies, these are the looks that I would pick for them. This is purely for fun, how I see them dressing for the Beyond the Books Ball!

Bryce Quinlan

Bryce Adelaide Quinlan, is a half-fae, half-human who is the Heir to the Starborn Fae. She is the bastard daughter of Ember Quinlan and Einar Danaan. Two years after the brutal slaying of her best friend, Bryce joins forces with a powerful fallen angel, named Hunt Athalar, to hunt down the killer.

I see Bryce in a very sexy dress, showcasing her curves, I picked black to let her wine colored hair to let it all just really stand out even more. Bryce is known, and highly respected for her curves, I see her in smething like this and embracing it. Knowing that Bryce is such a badass girl, she would make sure the back is open and not hide the tattoo that everyone knows about and wants to ask about but won't.


Lehabah was a guardian at Griffin Antiquities and Bryce's friend.

"I am a descendent of Ranthia Drahl, Queen of Embers. She is with me now and I am not afraid. My friends are behind me and I will defend them."

Our favorite little fire sprite would wear a dress of flames, it would bring out her curves and be reflctive of her. I cried for Lehabah, like a lot, she is my spirit animal. A fiesty little flame who loves to watch spicy shows (I prefer books, but still). This dress just looks like beautful flames working, dancing, it's a dress to honor Lehabah.

Fury Axtar

Fury Axtar is an infamous assassin.

No one should be surprised that she would be wearing black, does she even own anything that isn't black?And if we were lucky enough to see Fury in a dess, it would just slick little thing like this to let her blend in and out of appearance.

Danika Fendyr

Danika Fendyr was the Alpha of The Pack of Devils and Bryce's best friend. She and her entire pack were slaughtered two years before the beginning of the series.

"Light it up, Bryce."

My girl Danika, she wold wear a drop dead and sexy dress. I debated between a pale blue and pink dress for her, something that would help high light her hair which is streaked with both colors. Ultimately, I picked the blue. I think she would require her dress having a slit, for motion, but that it would still be a beautful piece of a dress.

Juniper Andromeda

Juniper Andromeda is a famed dancer and Bryce Quinlan's close friend.

Listen, Juniper is the brightest and lightest character in this series, beside Lehabah, and as a ballerina and famous dancer I just see her in a very dainty fairy dress, something light and bright, that brings eyes to her.

The Viper Queen

The Viper Queen is one of the seven Heads of Lunathion and the ruler of the Meat Market. The snake-shifter is known as the mistress of the underworld and is a feared poison expert.

I immediatley knew that The Viper Queen would be on this list, to me, she is iconic. I wished I could have found a snakeskin coutre dress, and trust me, I looked. So, by not finding a snakekin, I looked at A LOT of emerald green dresses with cut outs. I picked this one becuase of the design, the different jeweled patterns, the sides cuting in, the high slit with a side train. This dress just screams power and that is what The Viper Queen has.

Lidia "The Hind" Cervos

Lidia Cervos, better known as the Hind, is the Republic's most notorious spy-hunter and breaker. She reports directly to the Asteri.

"To destroy monsters, we become monsters."

I debated on going for a "Lidia" look where she is good, or a "The Hind" look where she is what everyone fears. I picked something in a middle. I picked the ombre from brown to cream to represent the two very different personalities and lives that Lidia lives. With Lidia being a deer shifter I just see her in something that is lighter, showing her feminity that she hides beneath the warrior majority of the time.

Queen Hypaxia Enador

Hypaxia Enador, a former Medwitch, is the Queen of the ValbaranWitches.

I immediatiely knew that I was looking for a navy regal ball gown with lace overlays. It just screams I am a queen, and Hypaxia she is. I think it is becuase of the audio books, but Hypaxia is just a very posh person to me, British accents and all. While most of the other guests would be wearing form fitting and sexy dresses, Hypaxia would arrive in a more "plain" dress and still be person that everyone is looking to and watching.

Jesiba Roga

Jesiba Roga is a notorious sorceress and art dealer who owns Griffin Antiquities.

I wnet back and forth on what I thought that Jesiba would wear, whether it would be a bright color or something navy or black. Kid you not, because of Jesiba's attitude and her sexuality I almost picked an orange dress that was strapless with a lot of cut outs, screaming sex and power. I ultimately picked this fit and flare design, to showcase the curves she is described with having, anf keeping the dress relativeley simple other than the statement neckline.

Ember Quinlan

Ember Quinlan is Bryce Quinlan's human mother.

Momma Quinlan, the woman of a lot of words and complaints, would show up still slaying in this high neck, long sleeve, body fitted sequin black dress.

So, that is a wrap on the leading ladies in Crescent City! Be sure to stick around for Part 3, this is going to be a LONG series y'all and I am VERY excited about it!

As always, drop your thoughts in the comments section or over on the social media posts.



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