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Drop Party!

Drop Party!! In honor of the days that it will be my Golden birthday (25 on the 25th) and just a month after CC3’s release I will be having a Drop Party themed event!! This event will be a night that Sarah J. Maas's Queen of Partying, Bryce Quinlan would love to attend!

Date: February 24, 2024

RSVP Here:

What to Expect:

- new & old friends

- dinner

- dancing

Dress Code: dress for a fun night out - whether you go for a CC inspired look or just a night out vibes!

The event is $3 which is JUST to hold a place for reservations - I’ve got SO many new friends and followers & wanted to celebrate CC3 in such a Bryce Q kinda way - a night of laughter, fun and surrounded by other book loving people!! This is CASUAL event! Also all food & drinks are ON YOU!!

Depending on the number of people interested then I might open it up to a full bookish filled day in the city! thinking: coffee, bookstores, casual hangs - a full, totally optional itinerary will be sent out as it gets closer!

Personally, no matter what, I’ll be channeling Bryce whether I go out to dinner & dancing by myself or not! But, I wanted to open this up to everyone, we all have days and times where we feel alone and may want new people to surround ourselves with and it can be so hard to do that. This is an opportunity to get together, have fellowship, and live carefree for a night - just like Bryce would!

Plus, you’ll get to experience a fun & well planned night out with yours truly! I’ll make reservations and plan a night that Bryce Q would respect the Hell out of!! Specific locations will be sent out as it gets closer & and accurate head count is known!!

As always, I love you all so much & this community you are helping me build. Bookshagram, BookTok, and the events industry in general SO special to me! This is my passion and I want to celebrate this year with all of you by my side! Thank you for believing in me & being a part of this special journey, it means the world to me!!

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