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Upcoming Fantasy Romance Releases We Are Excited About

Okay, all my book loving friends - here are my top 3 fantasy romance books that I am most excited about. Honestly, there have been so many really good fantasy romance books that just keep on coming lately. Normally, I'm not a fan of reading series that are still being developed, honestly it's the suspense and my memory. But really, these books below have been well worth the wait and have my standing on my tippy toes doing a happy dance waiting for them.

Iron Flame

Series: The Empyrean (Fourth Wing)

Release Date: November 7, 2023

“The first year is when some of us lose our lives. The second year is when the rest of us lose our humanity.” —Xaden Riorson

"Everyone expected Violet Sorrengail to die during her first year at Basgiath War College—Violet included. But Threshing was only the first impossible test meant to weed out the weak-willed, the unworthy, and the unlucky.

Now the real training begins, and Violet’s already wondering how she’ll get through. It’s not just that it’s grueling and maliciously brutal, or even that it’s designed to stretch the riders’ capacity for pain beyond endurance. It’s the new vice commandant, who’s made it his personal mission to teach Violet exactly how powerless she is–unless she betrays the man she loves.

Although Violet’s body might be weaker and frailer than everyone else’s, she still has her wits—and a will of iron. And leadership is forgetting the most important lesson Basgiath has taught her: Dragon riders make their own rules.

But a determination to survive won’t be enough this year.

Because Violet knows the real secret hidden for centuries at Basgiath War College—and nothing, not even dragon fire, may be enough to save them in the end."

What I am Most Excited About: Literally, everything. Fourth Wing was so good, and I'm not one for normally just wanting to hype up a book, but wow. I can't wait to explore more of Basgaiths War College, the rocky relationship between Violet and Xaden, and of course learn more about the huge cliffhanger the book ended on. I mean, has anyone read Fourth Wing and not loved it?! I genuinely haven't seen anything that says otherwise. Me personally, I'm finishing up my second read of Fourth Wing as I prepare for Iron Flame coming out, which yes, I did already pre-order.

Zodiac Academy Book 9

Series: Zodiac Academy

Release Date: Unknown (but major hopes for this Winter!)

My Thoughts & Feelings: Now, this is supposed to be the final installment of this series, but they also said that about book 8 which released in December of 2022. I have hopes for book 9's release to be this coming winter, but both Peckman and Valenti are keeping this book under wraps. I started reading the Zodiac Academy series back in 2020, and have already read the Dark Fae and Darkmore Penitentiary spinoff series. I love ACOTAR, but wow do I kill for Zodiac Academy. Book 8, Sorrow and Starling, took turns that I don't think anyone had expected, ending on a major cliffhanger. I think that all of us ZA fans are holding our breath hoping and praying that ZA #9 will be out this winter, as it is a highly anticipated book for us all! I mean who doesn't love fae who can turn into dragons, werewolves, vampires, sirens, cerbuses, and so many other cool creatures that I wished existed, and let's not even forget that they can also practice magic. This series has it all, the world building is insane, the multiple point of views keep you highly entertained, and of course the creativity is top class.

“That's what love is. It's taking a leap of faith. It's opening yourself up and letting your walls down and allowing someone to see every dark and broken corner of your soul. It's truth and honesty with yourself and them. It's raw and brutal and terrifying and real. You can't just claim to want it, but refuse to allow yourself to be vulnerable to it. That's not how it works. If you love someone, truly love them, you'll bear your soul to them and let them be the keeper of your heart no matter how fragile or damaged it might be. And if they love you then they'll do everything in their power to keep it safe, to nurture and protect it and heal over all the old wounds.”

House of Flame and Shadow

Series: Crescent City (#3)

Release Date: January 30, 2024

Synopsis (from Amazon)

"Bryce Quinlan never expected to see a world other than Midgard, but now that she has, all she wants is to get back. Everything she loves is in Midgard: her family, her friends, her mate. Stranded in a strange new world, she's going to need all her wits about her to get home again. And that's no easy feat when she has no idea who to trust.

Hunt Athalar has found himself in some deep holes in his life, but this one might be the deepest of all. After a few brief months with everything he ever wanted, he's in the Asteri's dungeons again, stripped of his freedom and without a clue as to Bryce's fate. He's desperate to help her, but until he can escape the Asteri's leash, his hands are quite literally tied.

In this sexy, breathtaking sequel to the #1 bestsellers House of Earth and Blood and House of Sky and Breath, Sarah J. Maas's Crescent City series reaches new heights as Bryce and Hunt's world is brought to the brink of collapse-with its future resting on their shoulders."

“That's the point of it, Bryce. Of life. To live, to love, knowing that it might all vanish tomorrow. It makes everything that much more precious.”

What I am most excited about: Finally, being back on with this trend. I will admit, I was one of the people who STRUGGLED to get through the first quarter of the first Crescent City book, House of Earth and Blood, not because it wasn't good, but the world building and character back stories were honestly just a lot. Then, take it to House of Sky and Breath, which I was on top of the trend with reading. In fact, I read 3/4 of the book in a day, but then I got to the point of being stuck. And since then, I've been reading the last little bit of the book, mainly because social media spoiled all the crossovers, making it less exciting to get to them. But yes, I will finally finish the last of the book before House of Flame and Shadow comes out.

So, what books are you waiting for or looking forward to coming out?!?

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