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Part 3: Fourth Wing Inspo for the Beyond the Books Ball

Duh, you guys, this list would not be completed at all without having Fourth Wing on it. I loveeeeed Fourth Wing, I liked Iron Flame, but getting to combine both of those and what I've read into all the characters and inspirational outfits that I found and created.

Let me just say again, in case you haven't read Part 1 & Part 2, it has been so much fun getting to write this series!

Violet Sorrengail

Violet Sorrengail is about 20 year old protagonist. She is pale, frail, has hazel eyes, and a beautiful brown hair that fades to silver at the tips. She has a condition akin to the modern day Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. She was trained all her life to become a Scribe, but her mother pushed her to become a Rider in the Riders Quadrant at the Basgiath War College.

Violence, she would show up in a dress that would make Xadens eyes pop out of his head. I saw this and immediatley was like yes, this is the one. A deep V, the shoulders being cut out, and full to the hip slits on both sides, this is lterally to die for and exactly what she would wear.


Rhiannon Matthias is a first year in the Riders Quadrant and Violet’s friend. Rhiannon is from the Morraine Province. She has dark skin, high cheekbones and an oval face. Rhiannon has brown eyes and dark brown hair worn in several rows of short braids.

I'm not sure where I got this idea of Rhiannon looking really good in pale blue, but I did and I went with in. I think with her dark skin and braids, this would goerous on her. Also, again it is a functional dress with a high slit for her to have full movement and still jump onto the back of a dragon if needed.


Andarnaurram, commonly known as Andarna, is a unique dragon with a name that means ‘The second honour’ in Gaelic. This name suggests a special status or recognition in its community. In its early life as a hatchling in the Fourth Wing, Andarna has a golden colour, a shade that signifies innocence and potential. As she grows into her teenage years in the Iron Flame book, her colour changes to an iridescent tone, indicating maturity and the development of complex abilities.

Andarna gets a whole series, if you haven't read both Fourth Wing and Iron Flame, then sorry this is a spoiler. This is the full transition of her from a feathertail look to how I see her by the end of Iron Flame. She is just an iconic and sassy little (well big) thing andno matter what "age" she was she would show up literally making the biggest statement, having all eyes on her.

Mira Sorrengail

Mira Sorrengail is Violet’s older sister. Mira is a Lieutenant and an accomplished Rider. She is tall and strong with powerful muscles. She has beautiful skin which radiates with health. She has a golden-brown hair sheared short.

This girl would wear the iconic black, it would be a fitted piece and it would be sexy. I especially picked this dress with the strapless look paired with the beautiful sleek gloves. Mira doesn't seem like the kind of woman who would wear a lot of color, need sparkles or gems, she just comes across as the women who can wear a "simple" dress and make it look like a million dollars.


Imogen, a second-year student in the Fourth Wing, rocks a half-shaved, half-pink hairstyle. She proudly wears a rebellion relic coiled around her forearm. Taller than Violet Sorrengail, Imogen boasts a toned physique and striking pale green eyes. Hooped piercings line the shells of both her ears, adding to her unique style.

I freaking love Imogen, the defiant statement of pink in her hair, I just see her showing up to my ball in a pink dress. I picked this particualr dress for the hot pink color, the straps give full arm movement (always needed), and full to hip slit for movement or you know having to get on your dragon.


Jesinia Neilwart is a Scribe in the Scribes Quadrant. She has bright eyes. She uses sign language and was good friends with Violet.

Okay, I went with cream well becuase she is a scribe, not to discriminate or cateogrize her, but we don't know too much about her so a simple cream dress it is.


Sloane Mairi is Liam Mairi sister, due to enter the Riders Quadrantnext year. She’s strong, quick and has good balance.

I hated her attitude to start with, but also understood it, so kind of iffy. But seeing as she has a bitchy attitude majority of the time, she would show up in a drop dead gorgeous red dress, a dress that has an F the world attitude.


Sgaeyl is a rare blue Daggertail dragon, a descendent from the extraordinary Gormfaileas Line. She is bonded to Xaden Riorson and her dragon mate is Tairn, which is Violet Sorrengail’s dragon. Trough Tairn, Sgaeyl has a connection with Violet Sorrengail and can communicate with her as well.

Okay, so obsviously she's a dragon, but I just see Sgaeyl being all old and wise, she would just in an elegant dress like this.

Catriona Cordella

Catriona Cordella is a strikingly beautiful and formidable flier from Poromiel. A native of Poromiel, she trained at the prestigious CliffsbaneAcademy and is third in line for the Poromiel throne. She is Xaden’s previous fiancée.

Good old Cat, I love her, this girl would show up in a statement dress, purple would have to be the color because of royalty, duh. The sparkles, caped sleeve, high slit, fitted torso, it is a work of art that her posh attitude would own. I would expect nothing less than this is The Catriona Cordella walked into my Beyond the Books Ball.

Lilith Sorrengail

General Lilith Sorrengail is Violet’s mother. She is a Rider and resides within the Basgiath War College. Lilith is tall, strong, and muscular. She has a golden-brown hair sheared short for combat. She carries an arrogant look.

Gen. Lil, yes I short handed her name, I think we are cool like that, would wear the most basic navy floor length dress. I gave it a little something extra with the sleeves having a little something extra to them. Now, I know a lot of readers don't like Lilith, but I would say I never hated her, and I absolutley loved all that she gave up for Violet in Iron Flame.

Thanks so much for reading! This is only part 3, don't worry, there will be a lot more coming this way for all the different fandoms and book series that we all know and love.


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