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Gifts for Book Lovers

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

We've all got someone in our life who loves to read, and maybe we don't know what to get them. If you're like my parents or friends then maybe you don't even know what books to buy anymore because to be honest, we just have so many. This blog is dedicated to all the gifts that would be the perfect gift for those lovers of reading that are in your life.

P.s. this is just part one ;)


If they don't already have one. And for those of you thinking, how are they are serious book lover without having a Kindle?, it is possible. I was strictly anti-Kindle for the longest time, only when gifted one did I learn the convenience of it and having a Kindle seriously changed my reading game. Along with changing it, my To Be Read list has gotten screwed over way too many times with me constantly adding new books to the endless list. Another fun little gift to go with a Kindle is a Kindle Unlimited subscription, a gift card to Amazon or my personal favorite - stickers to customize your Kindle.

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Amazon Kindle


Andre got me an embosser for my birthday and it is one of my favorite gifts and I have throughly enjoyed marking all of my books with the custom design she picked out for me.

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P.s. if you got tickets to the Starfall Ball then be on the look out for your invitation sets to come in and maybe see what our custom design for the event looks like.


Your bookshelf will not regret this. I love two things a lot: books and flowers. This beautiful vase lets you combine the two!

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This is one of my favorite things that I own. While there are custom journal that you can buy or a formatted journal or even the famous BookTok journal, I preferred making my own. I ordered a letter bound journal from Amazon, collected stickers, got some new fun colored pens and markers and designed my own book journal. A book journal is a great gift for any book lover because it can be so difficult to keep track of what you are reading or if you are like me you start to mix them up, especially if you are reading multiple book series. The worst thing for me is reading incomplete series and having to wait for the next book, part of my journal is dedicated to writing a summary of the book, my feelings, and rating the characters, smut, plot lines and overall book.

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Check out some pictures from my personal reading journey and be on the look out for a blog with a complete breakdown on how I designed and set it up.


Nothing sets my mood for reading quite like a candle and luckily there are millions of choices. It is easy to hit up your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls and find some fun candles and great scents, another choice Bath and Body Works, or finally, if you want to get a book themed candle then Etsy is a great resource for finding one.

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These are just a few gifts that we would love to receive, be on the lookout for a part 2 of gifts that we would love to get and to give! Comment below what kinds of gifts you like to get and to give.

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