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My 24 in 24 #BookTok Edition

Okay, I know I am a bit late on this trend, but here it is coming t you. And it's still Janaury, so I'm saying that it isn't too late for me to post this trend! I will say, that I specifically search #BookTok and picked my 24 from the top books, but majority of these have been books that I have already invested in reading (Zodaic Academy, Crescent City, the Never After series) and other have been on my wishlist or physical TBR for a hot minute, and then there are a few that I only recently discovered (like Powerless, Divine Rivals, Dance of Thieves) becuase of #BookTok.

What is up book lovers?!? Here are my 24 in 24 - in no particular order! I will say, sadly, majority of these (like 90%) are book 1 in a new series. I know, I said in 2023 that I wasn't going to be starting any new series that weren't completed, but we should know by now not to believe me. While the majority of my 24 in 24 are 'romantasy' there are a few hockey romance and greek mixed in. I will read other genres, but fantasy and fantasy romance dominate my TBR.

Okay, so while these are numbered, again they are NOT in any particular order.

BUT, Zodiac Academy, book 9, becuase we STILL DO NOT have a title is my NUMBER ONE MOST ANTICIPATED READ of 2024! It comes out in April and I am beyond excited to see how this series is going to wrap up.

Another REALLY anticipated read of 2024, and literally comes out in just under a week! Yes, I will be going to a release party for this book! And yes, I am also having a Drop Party themed birthday party in February (linking the event below!!)

Drop Party Link:

A few books that have been either all oer social media, on my TBR for way too long, or just books that have piqued my interest. Pucking Around is one that I have avoided becuase of the hype, LORE has been on my shelf for about a year, and Snow So White is a book I recently got on the 'stuff your kindle day". These Violent Delights, Promised in Fire, and Red Queen have just been books that I've been interested in reading for a while now and avoiding becuase of the hype and the depth of the series.

These are HIGHLY anticpated reads of 2024! With Powerless being a new release and rocking the world of BookTok. But the Six of Crows and Caraval series are both series that I have had for a while now and really want to get into. I was gifted the Caraval series for Christmas and extremely excited for it!!

Some more books that have me very excited about the stories and worlds that they are creating.

Okay, I TRIED to read this book in 2023, and failed. I chickened out a few chapters into it. But, since then, I have read a lot of Dark Romance. Reading several of Rina Kents, which some readers have said they think are darker, as well as The Ritual. So, all that to say, I will make it through this book. I don't know when, since I'll need to sandwich it between some lighter books, but it will happen.

Okay, final three of 2024! You're probably thinking, "Rachel what the heck", you love hockey romance and yet you have not read Icebreaker!?! I know, I think it is because everyone thinks of this book first when they say hockey romance and there is just a lot of hype around it, and I try to be different and not jump straight onto a trend. But, I have vowed to read it in 2024. Now, for Divine Rivals and Two Twisted Crowns, there has been just too much hype, BUT it has been ALL good hype that I have heard. I swear, I have not heard a single bad review about these books, and for me, that makes the hype seem like it is worth it, so I will also read both of them!

What are you reading in 2024?

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