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Oh Hill Yeah!

Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Tabatha Hill - Oh Hill Yeah!

Where the hills begin, oh hill yeah! A blog about working with these two beautiful humans for 11 months to plan their perfect wedding! Check out the teaser video below & let me tell you the full length feature highlights everything about their special day - Leon Love Stories never fails to impress me with his videography skills!!!

Just a few beautiful details for you to admire.

His & Hers Details:

I have had the pleasure of working with Tabatha and Steve to plan their perfect wedding and nothing makes me happier then getting to see a couple finally tie the knot. I got to help pick almost every vendor for their wedding and was able to have so much vendor communication and foster man new friendships.

This wedding was everything & more! When I was sent sneak peak pictures I actually cried and when I was sent the teaser video trailer I absolutely bailed my eyes out. I spent SO and I mean SO many hour working with Tabatha and Steve to plan this wedding. We had regular phone calls, long text chains and hours ( yes plural) long planning sessions. Our final planning meeting was just under 5 hours and the time flew by, that was only weeks before the wedding.

In the days leading up to the wedding I spent the Thursday finalizing all details with vendors and sending out emails with additional information. The Friday before the wedding, all the decor and wedding supplies were dropped off at the venue in the morning, I spent the entire day sorting and organziatizing and setting up what could be done indoors. I then went to the rehearsal, where the church ladies ran the show (nope, they were not on top of it). After leaving rehearsal I ran by the dinner got a bite to eat and then went back to the venue to continue sorting and setting up, not leaving until after one in the morning. I am the kinda planner that likes to work smarter - not harder. I set up everything and labeled decor by table to make it easier for my teams to set up.

Now wedding day was INSANE - there was about a million moving parts and this truly tested me, but allowed me to learn so much and show what I can do! I was up before the crack of dawn to get ready, and at the venue before 8 am to start the tablescaping and other reception details. I spent two hours at the venue setting up how I wanted all the tables to look to my team and left them with a list of tasks to do before I got back.

Can I just say my team is AMAZING, not only did I get to work with all my amazing vendor friends, but my sister and college best friend stepped up to really help me day-of as well! My sister attends all my weddings with me and is always super helpful, but man these ladies stepped up and decorated the entire venue while I was at the hotels for getting ready stuff with the bride and groom and then the ceremony at the Catholic Church. I was able to leave them with a long list and pictures and they created the most magical environment and went above and beyond expectations.

The Catholic Church of Colleyville was seriously beautiful - with modern touches, lots of natural lighting and a classic look. We did very little in the way of decorating the church, only adding smilax greenery and hurricane candles to the main aisle as small simple touches.

While my team was being amazing and do the venue set up, I headed to the Sinclair Hotel where Tab had the penthouse for the bridal party and Steve had a suite for his party to get ready in. Feao, the photographer and Ariel, the videographer both met at the hotel to get getting ready shots and footage as well as some portraits.

Tab gave Steve one of the best wedding gifts I have seen. Part of her wedding photography package with Feao included a boudoir shoot, which she took full advantage of. Steve played ball at U Penn and Tab used his letterman jacket from college for the pictures, which she had framed for his office, and also got his a little secret book that was not for the boys eyes to see.

In the hotel time we also scheduled a very last minute fake first look where Steve's Uncle dressed up as a bride. I convinced Steve that Tab was nervous and wanted to do a first touch with him up on the roof which had him nervous, little did he know that his Aunt and Uncle were up to no good. I got everyone in the right places at the right time and let events unfold as they did, Steve's face when he turned around was priceless and also just wow his Uncle sold it in his wedding dress!

We had time for a few of the groomsmen portraits, then I sent them to collect their belongings they needed for the ceremony and reception then down to their limo to head to the church!

I mean just click through some of the pictures of the boys - they sure had fun posing for pictures, meanwhile the girls were speeding hours getting ready. Fun little thing, the boys actually spent the morning of the wedding out on the green plays a few holes of golf.

With the boys in route to the church, Tab and the girls were finishing getting ready while detail shots were being taken. I have to say, Tab's Maid of Honor, Sam, her sister was on top of it! She was calling out times and making sure everyone was going to be ready. Not even kidding with 15 minutes to spare before our limo pulled up the girls top PJ pictures, popped champagne, all got into their dresses, Tab had finishing touches done to her makeup, got her in her dress with all her accessories on, grabbed everything we needed for the rest of the night then off we headed for our limo. Now, before moving on I must say that we shoved 13 people all wearing big dresses, all carrying multiple bags, and boxes of all the bouquets into an elevator that is only supposed to hold 4 people, it was a LONG 16 slights down, but with only 2 elevators we made the most of it. Once we got to the bottom and were filing out people were clapping and cheering and seriously questioning how we made everyone fit in the elevator. On the ground floor we then filed all the girls into the limo and sent them on over to the church.

I then put everyones bags and the outfit changes into my car and headed off to the church myself. Once at the church I picked up the family flowers and began passing out and pinning them on all the prospective people. The ceremony was a full mass and the church coordinators ran that show allowing me to leave and head back to the venue to finish getting it ready for guests to arrive.

I was able to leave Feao in charge of some of the church pictures while myself and her husband headed to the venue for finishing touches and detail shots. Can I just say it again, we had an AMAZING team for the venue, they were so great and had my almost as tears as I pulled up to the venue. When I got to the venue I was SHOCKED, the teams created something magical. With all the big things set up and just needing to put out glasses I was able to breeze through and get things done quickly.

The first thing I saw when I pulled up was my well, this was gifted to me and orginally made as a ice cream bar and I transformed it to be used as an outdoor bar for champagne and table assignments. You don't even want to know how much time I spent cutting out all 123 of the hexagons name cards for the table assignments, it was WAY too much, but SO worth it for creating this beautiful look! Now this is both something that I would and would not do again, the look is amazing, but what was needed was a huge chart for all the guests to be able to look and see what number they were they tell us for finding their name much faster. All hundred plus guests arrived at the same time because we had charter buses, which meant that instead of a trickle of guests, it was a swarm all at once of the guests.

Let's not forget the favors - these were so cute and such a special touch - for both the humans and fur babies. Tab and Steve love their supper - she was on the Save the Dates, the napkins, the invitations and even the cake - a true fur baby.

Check out these stunning wedding portrait - Feao never disappoints me!

And this wedding party - not only were they a good-looking bunch, but some of the nicest and most fun of wedding parties that I've got to hang around with.

This group was always posing, always drinking, always dancing, always laughing and they were always sure to keep us entertained. It made this 16+ hour wedding day go by so much faster.

P.s. Want to impress and surprise all your guests? Invite a donkey to attend your wedding. This little beer burro kept stealing the show and all the guests hearts, especially since he carried around beer in his packs and posed with all the guests.

Hands down, Lake Worth Florist is the best to work with, I love them and I basically force all my brides to work with them as well. They always impress and it doesn't hurt that they are more than friends and basically family! I am always in awe of everything they create and was SCREAMING at everything they created.

Literally, I mean just look at the table piece Lake Wirth florist made for Tab & Steves sweetheart table I cannot it is perfection. We ordered a box of smilax and the amazing ladies transformed the whole place and just made it magical. We also put picked flowers in the arch behind the sweetheart table.

Check out the bride and grooms entrance into the party - they do everything with class, grace and major style!

If you want to have a super unique factor to your event I would recommend setting up a sweetheart table at the edge of the dance floor, with your wedding party and immediate family at farmhouse style tables flanking the dance floor and keeping the rest of the guests a bit more separated. We did this set up at Hidden Gardens venue and the total look was stunning. We also then invited each table to come down to the sweetheart table prior to everyone eating to take pictures with the couple - which was unique and beautiful with the wedding theme present in all the pictures. Check out Tab & Steve at their sweetheart table!

I will never stop being impressed with Tab & Steve, I am pretty sure my jaw was on the floor the entire night. I totally forgot the fact that they had been taking dance lessons and choreographed their first dance which was beyond sexy and spicy. But it wasn't just the first dance, it was the entire night, it was beyond spicy and sexy and just mesmerizing to watch it all. They OWNED the dance floor, and Tab is a literal Queen who wore her heels the entire time and was dancing and jumping and just moving SO much. And Steve, don't even get me started on his dance moves, I was shocked to say the least.

Talk about grand entrances - this wedding party SHOWED UP and made everyone laugh and proved why they were selected to be honored as bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Tab's youngest sister stole everyones hearts when she opened th dance floor with her own rehearsed dance with an outfit change of her own. She welcomed the bride, groom and all the guests to the floor with her and started the entire dance party!

Trust us, cake is always the best idea. I love wedding, not just because of the couples, but the cake. I don't think I've left a wedding in the last year without bringing home the extra cake that my couples don't want - and trust me, my family does not complain.

Tab & Steve not only tore up the dance floor themselves, but all their guests did too - I'm talking all the dance moves & all night long. Hands down, one of the most fun weddings that I have had the pleasure of being a part of.

Best way to end the night, late night Whataburger. We special ordered a late night snack of honey butter chicken biscuits for all the guests - this was a great for winding down the night, soaking up the alcohol and sending everyone home with a final snack.

So much love for Tab and Steve - they had college friends and family flying in from all over the world!

Getting pictures with the bride and groom is always high on my tpo-do list! Love Tab and Steve so much!

Thank you so much Tab and Steve for trusting me with your perfect wedding - it was such a blast getting to know you both throughout the wedding planning process. Wishing you a lifetime of love and laughter.

I loveeee when couples request a final private dance without all their guests. Weddings are overwhelming, its hours of being "on" and one events after the other and the couple rarely has a moment to themselves. I always recommend ushering your guests out early to get set up for the exit and to use that moment to really just be alone with each other. Whether you want to take the moment to soak in the fact that you are married, pray together or have a last dance it is a moment for you to just be alone, which you deserve. Also, these pictures - stunning - a moment without tons of guests in the back of your pictures.

What a way to end a perfect night - a flower petal send off and a classic car for the most vintage moments to be captured. And Tab's end of the night party dress, killer. P.s. peep me in the corner of the picture above this one capturing this moment - I love getting behind the scenes content for my couples!