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Meet: Molly Werts Business Owner of MC Studios

Meet: Molly Werts, the business woman behind MC Studios and a special guest who will be at the Starfall Ball with some of her designs this November!

...better start running

Molly has amassed a HUGE following on TikTok with 81.2K followers, not mention the 11.2K followers on Instagram. I personally, love her content, it isn't just her merchandise, but all the Beyond the Books content you could hope and wish for. Personally, a huge fan of her designs and all the content she is constantly putting out, if you are a book loving kinda person and looking for subtle and fun merchandise then check her out.

Check out an interview that we did below and be sure to check out Molly's socials and website (all linked below!!) for all your specialty merch items that are subtlety bookish!

Queen of Witches

What was the inspiration and reason for starting your small business?

The chance to create subtle, “you have to be there” Merch that allows people to share what they love without getting all the weird stares . . . unless someone gets the inside joke.

What are you currently reading?

I’m in the middle of a Six of Crows reread!

What’s your favorite book and why?

The Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes will always be a favorite book of mine and one I reread every year. Sherlock Holmes was the first fictional character I ever became obsessed with.

If you had to pick a book boyfriend who is it and what made you fall in love with them?

Cassian stole my heart when he told Nesta “there is nothing broken to be fixed”.

Fire Breathing B*tch Queen

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from the amazing worlds these authors create. I also get a lot of ideas/inspiration from retro advertisements.

Allow me to demonstrate...

What are you dreaming of for the next few years?

I want to expand the shop to work with more authors and then also introduce more of my own designs that work outside of specific fandoms.

Out of Office Currently Reading

What’s your favorite thing about ACOTAR?

The way different types of feminine strength and healing are shown in positive lights. Just because you aren’t the same as someone else doesn’t make you weak or wrong. I think these characters show that the best.

What are you most excited about currently?

My upcoming Fourth Wing collection! Releases on September 1st!

Fun fact: Molly is from Fort Worth and went to my rival high school! She is currently living up in Baltimore, but will be coming back down to Dallas for my event, which I'm so excited about.


So, if you are like me and totally stalked Molly's content, what do you have your eyes on?

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