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Starfall Ball Inspo - Court Style

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Starfall Ball Inspo

Do you know what you're wearing to the Starball yet!? There are just SO many choices! We can't even decide what we are going to wear yet! Buttttt we wanted to dedicate this blog to laying out some options that we think are stunning and would let you shine the night away.

The first question: what court look are you going after? We decided to help you out and create some of our inspiration boards - these are just how we interpret what each court might wear. Each court and the human lands have their own Pinterest board and inspiration below along with some of our favorite links to finding similar options!

Autumn Court

Autumn Court:

Autumn Court reflects the aboreal rainbow in which they live. With colorful gauze, satins, silks the feature light and flowy looks with three-quarter to long sleeves. The Autumn Court leaves everyone falling to their knees.

Colors: rich yellows, burnt oranges, deepest rusts

Link to Pinterest board:

Link to Shopping:

Winter Court

Winter Court:

As ornate and decorative as the Winter Solstice. We like to think they would feature layers of light, glittering material, soft leathers, high necks and long sleeves or capes. The Winter Court can melt the iciest of hearts.

Colors: snow white, ice blues, depthless navy

Link to Pinterest board:

Link to Shopping:

Spring Court

Spring Court:

The dresses of Spring are formal, innocent, and scream beauty. Using fabrics like chiffon, charmeuse, satins and silks to create frothy, bud like silhouettes. Featuring flowers, embroidery and other feminine touches. The Spring Court blossoms and blooms before your eyes.

Colors: a rich pastel pallet with greens, yellows, pinks, purples, and blues

Link to Pinterest board:

Link to Shopping:

Summer Court

Summer Court:

The fashions of summer are light and breezy, like a day at the shore. I see simple A-line dresses featuring soft dyes and colors that reflect the ocean, waves or fish scales. Simple, yet detailed body jewelry like chains, fishnets, or jotted cord to draw in the waist. And to top it all off fine jewelry and pearls. The Summer Court catches everyone's eyes.

Colors: vibrant and bright blues, greens, purples, reds, and pinks - but think loud

Link to Pinterest board:

Link to Shopping:

Dawn Court

Dawn Court:

The styles of Dawn Court take their inspiration from the shades of the rising Sun. Armor-like elements of gold mixed with colors from pale yellow, to vibrant oranges, and the deepest of rusts color their pallets. The Dawn Court seduces the night away.

Colors: from the blues that chase the night away, to the yellows of the rising sun, the vibrant pinks and purples that durn to rust for the waking dawn

Link to Pinterest board:

Link to Shopping:

Day Court

Day Court:

Day Court looks shine with vibrant rich golds that celebrate the sun and the light that is knowledge. Think crisp, robe-styled gowns, accessorizing with stones, Suns and other bright elements. I imagine the Day Court to feature dresses with high slits, they accentuate the beauty of the body, and are light and bright. The Day Court shines brighter than the sun.

Colors: bright yellows, golds, blues - think sunshine and cloudless skies

Link to Pinterest board:

Link to Shopping:

Night Court

Night Court:

Gowns that tend to emote the seduction nature of the boudoir. Velvets, organza, fine satins and silks skim the body leaving little to the imagination often revealing just as much as they conceal. The Night Court screams sex.

Colors: the blackest nights, the brightest stars, the galaxy in color

Link to Pinterest board:

Link to Shopping:

Human Lands

Human Lands:

Simple, modest, and practical. With minimal jewelry, cinched waists, these dresses feature both form and function. The Human Court hides behind modesty.

Colors: muted greens, browns, beiges, pale pinks

Link to Pinterest board:

Link to Shopping:

Let me know what you think of our dress and look inspiration! And let us know what you will be wearing to the Starball!



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