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Elizabeth & Travis - simple, whimsical, classic

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

You cannot tell me that this picture does NOT give you all the whimsical vibes! I had been working with Elizabeth & Travis for over a year and did full planning and coordination. When I was hired by E & T the only vendor they had book was their venue, Hidden Gardens Venue. Not only did I book all vendors and managed the budget. A lot of brides might describe this wedding as simple and yes ti could be that considered simple, but it filled with life, had loved poured into all aspects and was classic. Elizabeths satin halter with minimal lace details, her veil, the amount of white, the mixed fresh greenery, and blue accents - it might be simple, but it was stunning.

Black & white is not normally my personally taste, but seeing these literally made my jaw drop. I can't help share all my love for all these stunning images with all of you. The intimacy of this picture is obvious, putting it in black and white highlights love between Elizabeth & Travis. Knowing that Heather, the photographer, is so passionate about her works is nothing compared to seeing exactly what it is that she is able to create. I mean, I am in love just by looking at this.

Give me ALL the details, I live for them! One of my favorite parts of this wedding was creating the stunning cake table. I DIED when Elizabeth told me that she wanted to have such a unique cake that really reflected the colors and vibes of the wedding. When I found the Pinterest inspiration for this cake and the table design I was SO freaking happy when Elizabeth loved it and we moved forward with At Home Bakery in Weatherford to create this stunning cake. The design of the table included drapping it, adding broken pieces of stained glass in shades of blue, and having the cake tiers separated and on clear cake stands. The center picture was the inspiration, the left picture one the photographer sent over to me, and the right picture is one that I took on my phone.

Table decor included dinner and salad plates, water goblets, and flatware with napkins all creating a formal dining look. We had various sized hurricane glasses with candles in them on navy gauze runners with fresh greenery down the center of the tables.

Believe it or not, but the budget for this wedding was $10,000 and we created this stunning masterpiece under that budget. It is possible to have your dream wedding on a budget, you just have to be more creative and resourceful in how you do it. That budget even included my fee's as the full wedding planner and day of coordination. The only cost that was not affiliated in the budget was the venue, as it was gifted to them. However, if they would have had to have covered the cost of venue it would have been about half of the budget, but could have still been done.

These detail and getting ready pictures simply are beautiful!

Check out this stunning ceremony! The arch is beyond fluffy and looked amazing. Hidden Gardens is one of my favorite venues because of the lush gardens and vibrant colors that it covered with.

Moth & Moonlite captured Elizabeth and Travis in such a unique and special way. Heather and Josh's tagline is "for lovers, by lovers" is easily noticeable in how they both capture all their clients. Working with Heather & Josh was incredible and such a special experience. Elizabeth and Travis were both new to being behind the camera and both Heather and Josh continuously made them comfortable and truly captured their relationship.

What makes a wedding more than just a ceremony and a union? For me it is the people and the activities that you plan to engage with your guests. Games like the Shoe Questions is a great way to allow your guests to connect with you on a deeper level.

I know that we can ALL agree that this bridal bouquet is a piece of art - it is seriously stunning. Lake Worth Florist NEVER disappoints me in what they create for my brides. Elizabeth's bouquet went with everything perfectly and really brought all of the navy and shades of blue to life in her hands.

Another fun activity is having a unique photo booth - like Little Camper Photo Booth - which offers the cutest little bomber trailer. This seriously transports guests and allows you to collect very candid photos of your guests to have a photo guest book.

Overall, this wedding was SO much fun and such a special event to be a part of! My brides truly are my friends by the time wedding day roles around and seeing them get married and all the hard work we put in come to light is a blessing and an honor.


Venue: Hidden Gardens Venue

Florist: Lake Worth Florist

Photographer: Moth & Moonlite

Photo Booth: Little Camper Photo Booth

Bakery: Back Home Bakery, Weatherford

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