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Updated: Aug 26, 2023

This is a new thing for me - blogging - but I want to be more personal, share more of my brides stories and some of my upcoming projects and adventures. I will begin by introducing myself to you all, my name is Rachel and I am SO excited that you are all here and interested in me and my services!

While I may seem "green" to the wedding industry, which might be a fair statement, I do have educational background in the event industry and experience of working at multiple wedding venues. Unlike a lot of other planners and coordinators, I have not yet been a bride myself. I fell in love with the wedding industry during my undergraduate career at Texas A&M University, and have since continued to work in the industry.

Photographer: Courtney Lynn Photography

I have studied and had the pleasure of working with so many great event planners and coordinators, venues, florists, and other speciality vendors. I have a Professional Event Management certification along with a B.S. in Recreation, Park & Tourism Sciences from Texas A&M University. I have worked for a wedding venue as well as for the U.S. Navy programming events and activities and cherished my time during undergraduate getting to learn from some of the best educators.

I am not in this industry because I enjoyed planning my own wedding or thought that I would be good at it. I work in this industry because I have a passion for creating and designing. My brides are my friends and I am their biggest advocate. Many people don't understand my love for events, or the need to have an educational background in events, but my knowledge within the industry expands on more than just being able to host an event.

In the last 9 months, I have attended countless weddings and with each one I discover something new. I love to cheer on brides, but more than that, I love to see how they continue to grow with their partners.

Not only did I take a chance and start this business, but I also returned to school where I am working on my Master's degree. I have always been passionate about my education. and am excited to say that I will also be teaching the events courses come Fall 2021 to undergraduate students. I can't wait to share my experiences as a wedding coordinator and events planner for the Navy to new students.

Weddings have come to be my happy place, I get to know that I helped create a magical and memorable day for my bride and groom and cherish the new marriage and friendship that blossomed from our partnership. Every event and wedding is it's own unique experience with no two being the same. Each bride and groom have their own unique love story and are all at different stages in their life, they have different dreams and that is what makes every single wedding its' own special and unique day.

Photographer: Courtney Lynn Photography

Now that you know a little bit about me and my passion, I figured that I would share some fun details about me personally!

Fun Fact: Wanderlust - my absolute favorite word. Okay, yes I know, most people don't have a favorite word or couldn't possibly know it, but I do. I live my life fearless and unconditionally and with the desire to see and experience it all and a true passion for travel!

Something I Am Passionate About: Military Service Members - I had the opportunity to intern on a military base in Washington and found that I love serving those that serve and defend out country daily and are willing to sacrifice their lives. Programming and designing events for service members has encouraged me to seek a career in military recreation.

Next Place I Plan To Travel To: Israel - I am so excited to say that this coming summer I will be spending it in Israel attending the University of Jerusalem working on my Masters and getting to travel throughout the region for my research!

Favorite Movie: The Lion King - I am a child at heart, what can I say.

Dream Wedding: I would DIE to do a wedding in a chateau in Europe, personally pick and cut the flowers from the many flower fields in Holland, have a huge ballgown with a long train, and live out all of my Bridgerton dreams!

Something I Can't Live Without: Coffee, I couldn't survive without caffeine.

What I Am Obsessed With: Plants - I have a ton of plants and it developed from working at a florist shop. I have like 30 in my bedroom alone.

Describing My Style: Bright and colorful, I love rose hues, floral prints and all things pink!

Biggest Life Goal: Traveling to every country in the world - this is a large and daunting task, but something that I would love to achieve. I believe that every country and people have something to offer and teach and I want to be able to experience as many as possible.

Something That Makes Me Happy: Spa Days - with a busy and heavy workload between school and my business, I take time every few weeks to have a full day to myself for releasing tension.

About My Research: Military Recreation & Deployments in the Middle East - This is a new topic with little research on program and events for service members who are deployed within the Middle East. I want to understand the negative stigma and constraints within the region and improve the quality of life for service members and local communities.

Favorite Part Of A Wedding: Grand Entrances - I love seeing my bride and groom get introduced to all of their family and friends as the new Mr. & Mrs.! A close second would be the daddy daughter dances, these always bring tears to my eyes.

What Your Wedding Experience With Me Looks Like: You get a cheerleader, hype master, shoulder to cry on and most importantly a friend!

I look forward to beginning to show off my brides and continue to tell their stories for all of my readers. I thank you all for the love and support that you have shown to my business and the guidance that has been offered from other vendors and my educators at Texas A&M University. This past year has been an adventure all in itself and I cannot wait to see how me and my business will continue to grow and develop.



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