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Part 2: Gifts for Book Lovers

Part 2: Gifts for Book Lovers is HERE! In case you missed it, here is the link to Part One of what to gift your friends and family who are book lovers.


This is perfect for your book loving friends who have a favorite series. Inlays and sleeves can bring a book to life in a whole new way, especially if it is from fan fiction where it creates the world on the pages.

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Another personal and intimate option for you to gift to a good book lover. There are so many special, fun, unique themed bookends out there to choose from. My younger sister knew that I was obsessed with globes and she found and got me marbles globe book ends for this past Christmas. This was probably one of the smallest presents that I got, but truly one of my favorites and soemthing that I value so much. It isn't just that she knew that I had a lot of books and needed book ends, but that she found some that reflect my personality and passions, making it a thoughtful and considerate gift. Whatever your taste or style is, I'm sure there is a bookend out there designed to fit your imagination. I found so many cool books just by googling keywords like: "unique book ends", "acotar book ends", "Lord of the Rings book ends", "modern bookends", etc. Whatever you dream - I'm sure you can find something that reflects what you are looking for.

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Okay, this is another one of those things that will basically please most women (especially me) as it combines two things that most people like - books and jewelry. I have pretty expensive looking (not budgeted) taste when it comes to jewelry, I only wear gold jewelry and majority of it is at least 14K gold plated because I am not a fan of jewelry that tarnishes, fades or breaks easily. Here are a few styles that I like and pieces that I personally have, as well as some friends that I have seen recommended countless times and have on my lists to collect pieces of. I personally prefer pieces that are easily mixable, classic and statement worthy.

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P.s. I have the Siphon Charm necklaces and the Zodiac Academy House necklace and love them! I am the biggest fan of both the bat boys and all things ZA (which is honestly so underrated it's insane). If it is gold plated and book themed then I'm typically a suck for it, especially if it's a unique piece like many of these and easily layered with generic pieces.


Whether it is a beautiful Out of Print X Kate Spade designer purse or a painted canvas book bag, there are endless options to choose from depending on the relationship and personality that you have with the person you are gifting to. Personally, I have the The Secret Garden book purse, well technically it's my sisters, but I use it and absolutely love it. I have a lot of purses and this one is a favorite and gets so many compliments. It was a gift for my sisters 17th birthday since The Secret Garden is her favorite book, they have a few different book collections they have made and I highly recommend. If you aren't looking for something of this style and want a simple book bag then Amazon and Etsy are a great resource to go to, with millions of options to choose from and budgets to work with. Another route to go is ordering blank cavas bags, I got a package of 50 canvas book bags from Amazon that my sister and I are embroidering for the Starfall Ball - but painting them is always an option too!

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I think these are so much fun - especially if you really do it up and theme a few small items with it like a tea packet or coffee, stickers, a bookmark and wrap it up pretty, doodle on it, and use some ribbons and other adornments to package it.

DIY Instructions:

  1. Pick your favorite book

  2. Wrap in butcher paper

  3. Pick 3 key words, label the genre, etc.

  4. Tie a bow

  5. Add a sticker, tea, coffee, card, etc.

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So, these are a few of our dream list items and a few that we already own and love. What else do you want to seen our gift ideas blogs? If you haven't caught on, this is becoming a series! Comment below what else you want to see or any specific items that you love.

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